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Comment why no mention of the recording on the robot? (Score 1) 72

They didn't even mention the message that they found on a recorder in the robot. It said "I have been on a deserted island....the putt breaks to the right....Sweep back and forth, back and forth...I was stranded...This is the way we wash our clothes..." Apparently, it was supposed to say "I have been on a deserted island...with seven castaways of The Minnow. ..They are alive and well and...." but the dopey first mate put a rabbits foot into the robot for luck and it demagnetized the tape!

Comment daniel (Score 1) 420

I see Daniel Eran is spamming slashdot with multiple accounts just like he has done on other sites. Slashdotters, now that Daniel has been rightfully banned by Digg for cheating the system, expect alot more of his crap to get posted here. Also expect lots of replies that are basically love letters to Denial Eran, despite the fatc that his "articles" are written like a 12 year old would write, and are filled with utter inaccuracies. You've been warned.

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