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Submission + - Aussie telco slams Android on 1-click buy patent ( 1

lukehopewell1 writes: "Aussie telco giant Telstra has won a marathon court battle against Amazon in a local patents court over the legitimacy of its "1-click buy" patent, a method of purchase that speeds up customer transactions.

The delegate of the Commissioner of Patents, Ed Knock, found this week that Amazon's 1-click buy facility "lacks novelty [and] an inventive step", making Amazon's claim unpatentable.

Amazon's patent application included 141 claims, 60 of which were deemed invalid by the court. To be successful, a patent must not contain any invalid claims.

Knock acknowledged, however, that Amazon's patent application did include some original material and granted the online retailer 60 days to amend the application in compliance with patent regulations.

Amazon has been ordered to pay Telstra's legal costs in the matter."

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - WoW as a lifesaver

maotao writes: Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter reports today how a rather annoying WoW skill saved a young boys life.
Translated from the swedish article

"Twelveyear old Hans Jorgen Olsen were out on a stroll in a north norwegian forest together with his ten year old sister when they were attacked by an agressive moose. — My sister ran away but I tried to scare the moose. When I noticed the moose didn't stop I started to run as well. The moose followed me and after a while I had was too tired to continue, the boy told norwegian newspaper Avisen.

The moose butted him in the back but the blow was absorbed by his backpack. As he fell to the ground he used a trick he'd learned in "World of Warcraft".

— When you reach level 30 you learn the skill "feign death" so that's what I did and after a short while the moose walked away, the boy told the newspaper "

Link to the article

Submission + - LiveJournal Users Fight Deletions (

An anonymous reader writes: LiveJournal users who patronize sex-themed Harry Potter fan art and fiction communities are revolting a second time over account suspension notices that they say are unwarranted and trample on their free-expression rights.

The latest round of "permanent suspensions" involves two Harry Potter fanartists "ponderosa121" and "elaboration", who posted artwork featuring characters of indeterminate age, which LiveJournal staffers claim violates obscenity laws and is "material LiveJournal has chosen not to host."

No word if this has anything to do with the recent departure of LiveJournal creator Brad Fitzpatrick, or if it is simply coincidental timing.

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