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Comment Re:Shocking!!!! (Score 1) 192

Cultures differ. I find the European mindset of desiring the state to provide for their needs to be immature. Maturity, in my opinion, requires a realization that no one has a right to another person's matter how much they claim to "need" it.

I get that: and I look down on people at the outer suburban shopping centre who are mooching off my labour.
But. we already have plenty of overproduction of the basics of life, with tons of automation coming that will displace lower skilled jobs. So were are heading for a more socialist society whether we like it or not, and the USA is behind the 8ball on this paradigm shift.

Comment Re:Shocking!!!! (Score 1) 192

It has always surprised me how little protection a US worker gets. Like your health care system; it sucks compared to the rest of the modern world (unless you are rich)

There seems to be this culture in the US of : There is nothing stopping you from becoming rich and powerful; and if you don't work hard enough, then you don't deserve anything.

Its like a society that got stuck at the selfish adolescent stage if independence, rather than moving to the mature state of interdependence. (ie like the EU, Canada, Australia, NZ), where society realises it need to provide basic health and employment protection services for those that aren't as smart, healthy or motivated as others.

Comment The Commons (Score 3, Insightful) 120

Let's say that I do get tortured and abused, and someone gets pictures of it and puts them online, say in liveleak, or even in some "well respected" news site. Who is responsible for torturing me? The one who did it? Or the jerks who hosted the pics?

They are both responsible, provided no party is a common carrier.

I read a very interesting article recently on the law of the commons. It essentially said that knowing someones real identity in a public commons, makes for polite (read socially acceptable) behaviour. This is why facebook is generally very polite; but anonymous blog comments can be abusive.

The issue is, we have a great tussle between our valid fear of governments, and even private businesses, abusing their knowledge of you; and our need as a society to protect those that cannot protect themselves by revealing the identity of those that abuse. This is not only children, but the elderly, and those with physical and mental impairments.

There is currently no answer to this problem as the two requirements will always oppose each other.

Comment Re:The point (Score 1) 532

Australia has socialised health care, just like every other modern western country EXCEPT for the USA; which has always puzzled me.
Poor people don't have private insurance and tend to smoke more, thus the burden for their health care falls on the public system.

I don't know anyone in our social group who smokes. Of our workplace of 50, none of the engineers/programmers/management smoke. About 3 of our production staff smoke. Its actually terrific living in an almost smoke free country.!

Comment Re:Next up dead (Score 1) 399

I'm hoping 3D cinema are next to go.
Yes, it was fun in Avatar and all, but nowadays it only makes everything fuzzy and dark.
The last movie I watched in 3D was "Star Wars Rogue One", and I had no option for 2D (movie theaters here in Brazil are doing this dirty practice). In some scenes it was so dark I could barely see anything... I liked the movie, but 3D almost ruined it for me.

Yep. Had exactly the same experience in Australia. Dim, fuzzy.would have been better in 2D.

Comment Legislated Safety (Score 1) 64

I couldn't give 2 rats if your Gucci handbag was real. In fact I wouldn't even know; to me it shows shallow consumerism with probably a matching personality.
What I do care about is mains connected devices manufactured with poor creepages and insufficient protection that can catch fire and electrocute people. I would guess this would apply to the majority of plug packs, power supplies and battery packs.
Thus they should be concentrating on devices that have mandatory safety and legislative standards requirements first.

Comment Re:New iPhone every year except 2016 (Score 2) 336

Yep. I bought an oppo F1 as a temporary phone Between my iPhone 4 In anticipation of the the new iPhone 7. In the mean time, the oppo at 1/3 the price has done everything I've needed it to do + no headphone jack on the 7 = no sale for me. The transition off the apple Eco system wasn't as painful as I thought.

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