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Journal Journal: Poll

Raise your hand if you own a klingon batleth.
\\raises hand

Now, for those of you who raised your hand, which of you would like to engage me in the ancient klingon battle tradition of Kov'ak Shaduuk?

What, no one?

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: Dog fell in

I have a chihuahua name coco. He likes climbing around, and I have taught him to climb up onto a 6ft+ wall, jump gaps in the wall, and climb up a ladder onto the roof and subsequently jump from it into my arms.

He also likes climbing around the inside of the house too. He will occasionally jump onto the toilet seat and onto the sink. This time though, I had previously left the toilet seat up. Can you see where this is going? He is now wet, confused, and I dont think he will be on the sink any time soon. At least the bowl was flushed and clean. :-)

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Journal Journal: MWAHAHAHAHA!

Hahahahahahahahaha! Ahahahaha! Hahahaha!
AHA. Ha. Heh


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Journal Journal: Sorry,

but I couldn't think of a good subject. :(

Going to have steak and watch a new (previously recorded, so theres no commercials) episode of battlestar galactica tonight.

Mmm! Good combination.

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Journal Journal: Happy New Year! 1

I never celebrate the new year on the first, opting instead for some other day because I'm a rebel! ^_^
So, instead of celebrating sunday morning, like the rest of you CONFORMISTS, I am having the time of my life right now... Time to go pop a few rounds into the air, down some brewskies, and hang out with my homies.

And now for a poll: What is this weird growth thing on my hip that I just noticed not 15 minutes ago?
1. Bug bite
2. Diseased blood vessel
3. Really fast acting cancer
4. Third nipple
5. Wrath of God

Warning, the above may seem gross to some people. Turn away 10 seconds ago if you dont want to read it.

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Journal Journal: Burnt Whiskers

My dad likes to make fires cause he likes his room alot warmer than the rest of the house (plus heating costs keep going up). So the other day, I walk into his room and see my dog's head literally inside the fireplace "playing" with the firelogs. Everything is a toy to her. Rocks, sprinklers, anything that is thrown, large pieces of wood and, apparently fire. I don't think she hurt herself too badly, just her whiskers were a little singed and curled up. Add that to her swelled up nose from when she slammed into the wall when she was chasing her ball, and her broken fang, probably from the rocks. :-/ At least she's smart enough to stop when you tell her too.

And then there's my other dog, a little white chihuahua who's been having something akin to seizures. He stiffens up and stops responding to anything for about 5 minutes. He won't move at all; If you stand him up he will just drop on the floor. This has happened twice so far. I'm going to have to take him to the vet soon.


Journal Journal: Electrical problems.

I was at the tv, enjoying a nice steak that had cheese and chili on it, with some a1 (i love to put everything on everything :)), and then the tv and some of the lighting in the house went out. I didn't think to much about it, as this has happened before. The microwave, all living room plugs and lights, and my bedroom plugs and lights are all part of one circuit, and it cant handle the load and has caused the breakers to reset alot (my computer is actually drawing power off of my dads room; I decided a while back that drilling a hole in the wall for an extension cord for some of my room electronics would help alleviate the load on the circuit). So I go into the garage and flip the breaker switch back on, but nothing happened. My guess is that one of the wires shorted out (unless the breaker box also somehow utilizes fuses along with the breakers).

So now it looks like I'm going to be spending money and my weekend rewiring much of the house. Bleh. Even if it does turn out to be something easily fixable, I'm still going to want to add some circuits to prevent this from happening again. The house was built in the 50s, and much of the wiring is outdated, and ungrounded (except for the receptacles that my computer goes into; I grounded that to some pipes in the crawlspace under the house). At least all the power isn't out. And I finally get to use the cool turbo linux icon. :)

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Journal Journal: Removing duplicate pictures 2

I while back I had to reinstall windows, and when I was copying data back onto the computer, I had to restore my pictures from 2 different backup sources, with many of the pics that were already on the computer going into different folders and having different filenames. So now I have many duped pictures with different names contained in various, unsorted folders. Picasa isn't able to scan for duplicate pics, and I can't find anything else that is of use. Any ideas?


Journal Journal: Conflict 3

Last spring I didn't attend UNM college for some reason that I still have yet to figure out, but instead, I went and got a part time job. Now, I am trying to keep my job, and attend UNM at the same time, but it isn't working out, as most of the good classes take place during the hours of my job (which has no set schedule, so I am on call for most of tuesday and wednesday). I am still living with my dad, who wants me to be a full time student so I will be covered under his work's insurance policy, and yet still wants me to keep my job.

This is annoying...


Journal Journal: Smoot! 2

You are probably asking yourself right now, "What is a smoot?". Well, apparently, it is a unit of measurement created by MIT as a prank, and the good people at google decided to make use of it. I learned about it's existence when I was messing with the measuring tool in Google Earth.

I wonder if Google employs a person who's sole job is to put easter eggs like that into all of their programs?

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Journal Journal: Found them! 1

It turns out that my next door neighbor accidently took them yesterday when he was over, mistaking them for his own. He was kind enough to give them back. I just have to remember not to leave the keys in the open from now on. I don't blame him, he's left his own keys over here a few times. He also gives us free chips from time to time(he works for frito lay).

No harm done.

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Journal Journal: I lost my keys. 9

Have any of you seen them? If you find them lying around, please email me.

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Journal Journal: Subject (This is required)

I just got this in today. Took more than three weeks to get here because of some problem on their end. They didn't ship it until I called them to ask were my package was. When I ordered it, I was under the impression that it could play mp3s, but I misread the badly formatted specifications, which were apparently copied from here.
So, in summary, they suck shit, and I need to research my purchases better.

The birds that I mentioned last journal finally got their nest built. Hooray for them. I just hope that it doesn't fall again when their are eggs in it.

And for some reason, whenever I try to go to, mozilla crashes. My guess is that its because of some extension that I installed.

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