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Comment It's nothing but SPOILERS (Score 5, Interesting) 57

I like the weekly release of shows like Game of Thrones and West World -- you get to talk to other viewers about the Show as it progresses rather than just in past tense. Binge Watching is nice if you want to get a Show or Season done and over right away. But I find that with quality Shows, I'll take the time to batch them out on my own to draw the viewing experience out longer

Comment Re:Illegal product? (Score 0) 181

Why would they want to hire some kids who wrote a basic keylogger that was likely easily detectable? No real skills to that. Just some kid writing a piece of malicious code for a small profit, should've stuck to mowing lawns or flipping burgers Now he'll spend the next 10 years tossing salads

Comment Crony Capitalism (Score 4, Insightful) 200

Just another case of Gov't providing Corporate Protectionism at the expense of the People Anyone that still thinks that "People" are the Citizens Gov't serves are either delusional or hopelessly naive The real Citizens of the US are the Corporate Personhood and the Wealthy Elite

Comment Port XCode (Score 1) 130

Seriously, end the tyrrany and oppression of having XCode bundled with OSX. I want to stop buying Apple Products all together because the new Macbook Pro is a piece of shit and I'm not sure their fucked up AirBuds will fit my ears - but need to still have the ability to create iOS Apps without having to use VNC

Frankly, Apple is fucked -- Tim Cook was a good lackey for Jobs, but has not sense of purpose or direction The smart move would have been for him to find a younger, brilliant, "jobs-like" replacement that he could have mentored Instead, Cook tried to be Jobs and has in a few short years lost momentum and marketability across all of Apple's products Within a few more years, Apple will be back to downsizing and begging for money to live

Comment What a Rip-Off (Score 2) 114

So, you fork over good money for Prime, only to have to fork over even more for their "channels" like this? Fuck Amazon and fuck Prime. They should either include this for free with Prime or just have everything sold piecemeal like they do with subscriptions on iTunes and iTunes doesn't cost $100/yr. As far as price/value goes, Netflix has Amazon Prime beat and they have plenty of Anime. In fact, Netflix has been putting out their own Anime for a while now, some of it like the Seven Deadly Sins is actually quite good

Comment To All The Cimate Deniers Out There (Score 0, Troll) 436

For those that somehow think that Mankind has nothing to do with Climate Change -- it is a documented Fact that the amount of Greenhouse Gases produced by Mankind far outweigh the Pollutants naturally produced by the Earth 2.4 MILLION pounds of Co2 are released by us every second -- that's 207.36 BILLION pounds of CO2 every day. That amount DWARFS the amount of CO2 the Earth produces naturally -- in fact the Earth now produces less than 1% of the CO2 in the atmosphere Additionally, An estimated 14 billion pounds of trash-most of it plastic -- is dumped in the world’s oceans every year. So not only has MANKIND completely contaminated and inundated our atmosphere with Green House Gases, we have contaminated and polluted our Oceans to such an extent that it's effecting the Global Ocean Currents and killing off aquatic life Your willful ignorance and refusal to accept anything not stated by FOX News as fact changes nothing, but only assures that your children and their children will suffer and possibly die due to exposure or extreme weather related event because of your ignorance and hatred for Science Furthermore, carrying on arguing that Mankind is not the cause of the Climate Change is so completely deluded, you might as well spend your time smearing the walls of your house with your own feces while claiming ignorance of the cause of the foul odor and swarms of flies all around you -- because that's exactly how crazy you sound

Comment Logging Out (Score 4, Insightful) 172

I know that people posting "I'm done here" is usually a sign over short term anger -- but I am feeling utterly compelled to abandon this site. After the years of general decline and now these actions by Dice Network I really don't see any other option.

Seeing the abuse of SourceForge by Dice was cause for concern
Seeing that they were actively denying the acceptance of stories reporting this was distasteful
Seeing the earlier Slashdot "story" that essentially put words in the complaining code maintainers mouth while downplaying everything was alarming
Being fed this one sided propaganda piece by Dice/Sourceforge/Slashdot is simply taking things too far.

Fact of the matter is people put their trust into SourceForge to host their code repos -- SourceForge decided to no longer act as a trusted partner and started hijacking popular software to repackage it with adware for their own profit -- profits not share with the creators or maintainers of the software nor done with their consent.

Such behavior is exploitative to those who have labored to create those OSS Projects and SourceForge's actions not only damage their relationship with the Developers of those projects, but is an affront to the entire OSS Community world wide.

Due to the actions of Sourceforge and The Dice Network's use of Slashdot as a propaganda tool to first quash all discussion of their actions then disseminating these ridiculously slanted "stories", has caused Slashdot to lose all credibility. I now see Slashdot as a news source to be on the level I view FOX News and will for now on hold them in the same regard

*logging out*

Comment We Shall See About That (Score 0) 160

Seems it's time that the Cable Provider Lobbyists command Congress to enact the Affordable Cable TV Act which will require all US Citizens to purchase a Cable TV+Internet+Phone Bundle from the newly created National Cable Marketplace or face a Tax Penalty.

Perhaps the RIAA and MPAA can follow suit with mandatory Music and Movie Purchase Quotas through Apple, Amazon and Walmart

Comment Re:In other words (Score 1) 318

Or perhaps they are looking at ways to shore up their offerings against Youtube and other streaming services who have free-tier offerings. If they can offer a free streaming with ad rolls, they can increase their viewer base and offer ads to sell their standard subscription based streaming service.

Comment Re:Of course it bombed (Score 4, Informative) 205

it's not so important that Tron 2 bombed

From the summary Tron:Legacy grossed $400 million from $170 million - that's a success even by Hollywood "hide the profits to avoid royalty payments" maths. Walking away from a franchise where the last installment gave a greater than 100% return isn't sound fiscal sense, it's a straight-up chickenshit cop-out. This is why the Music and Movie industries need to die -- no risk takers too many assholes looking for a "sure thing" and will rehash the "sure things" right into the fucking ground till they have nothing left.

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