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Submission + - Analyzing Apple's Fall 2011 Lineup (

An anonymous reader writes: Apple's love of magical things contributed plenty of hype to yesterday's keynote. For the less technically-minded, here's a summary of what it all means.

Submission + - Milan Spring 2012 Fashion Week Runway Roundup (

garykseo writes: Molto bene! There’s a reason Italy is famed for its unique luxury designer handbags and especially for high-quality leather and way with skins – they have a taste for the finer things in life, whether your talking wine or bags. Whether you’re the urban adventuress (Bottega Veneta takes luxury to the next level), the quirky modern spectator (in typical Marni fashion), the racy and rebellious academic (Fendi went directional), or the ingénue with a need for speed (Prada’s girl is the pin-up behind the wheel), Milan delivered bags to swoon after now and save up for later.

Submission + - Film Turns Windows Into Solar Panels (

itwbennett writes: "At the Ceatec electronics conference in Japan this week, 3M is showing film that turns windows into solar panels. Although the product only generates about 20% of the electricity of a traditional solar panel, it will cost about half as much, is much easier to install, and takes up no additional space. 'An average person could go to the store, buy some of this, and then bring it home and install it themselves,' said Yasuhiro Aoyagi, a senior manager in the company's construction markets division."

Submission + - What is best web framework for creating a website?

l0ll1 writes: I wanted to build a website of which at least half of the content will be from the visitors input. I'll store data in a database, and mine it and display on the website along with other content. I'm looking for a best framework for it to build quickly, with less coding from my side. I was suggested Symfony and Ruby On Rails so far. I wanted to get input from huge Slashdot community also. Any suggestion is very much appreciated. Thanks.

Submission + - A Google-Verizon Deal that Might Not Violate Net N (

saddleupsancho writes: Writing on the New York Times Op-Ed page (subscription required), Robert X. Cringely suggests that a Google-Verizon deal could involve placement of Google data centers in or near Verizon data centers, resulting in shorter latencies from users to Google and back, without explicit favoritism toward some traffic over others. "With servers so close to users, Google could not only send its data faster but also avoid sending it over the Internet backbone that connects service providers and for which they all pay. This would save space for other traffic — and money for both Verizon and Google, as their backbone bills decline (wishful thinking, but theoretically possible). Net neutrality would be not only intact, but enhanced."

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