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Submission + - PS3 Singstar Online Protest Underway (

kwandar writes: One claim to fame the PS3 can arguably make (my 4 year old would agree) is its Singstar karaoke game. Users can pay to download music videos and perform in front of their PS3 eye cameras to upload it to the Sony Singstar universe to be rated.

Unfortunately some users have been stuffing the ballot box and spoiling the fun by voting through the creation of multiple IDs, a problem which Sony has failed to address

Users have taken it upon themselves to protest Sony's inaction with a "1 vote by PS3 — and not by ID-PSN" video that has inundated the video upload channel with protest signs. This will eventually have an effect on Sony's revenues for downloadable Singstar content ... unlike the removal of the alternate OS. Maybe that will motivate Sony to finally act.

Now if someone would just start a protest regarding the "Sony lock-in" that stops us from copying Singstar videos users make (ie.home movies) to other mediums

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