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Submission + - Data Compression Basics ( 1

RMN writes: "A few months ago, a link to an article purporting to explain video compression to the masses was posted on Slashdot's main page. Thankfully, most of Slashdot's readers were quick to spot the fundamental flaws in the article and, in the course of the discussion, I posted links to a series of three articles about data and media compression that I had written. I received several positive comments about those, so I decided to update them and post them on my site.

The updated articles cover some of the most common algorithms and techniques used for data and media (image, audio, video) compression, both lossless and lossy. I have tried to avoid excessive or misleading simplifications while keeping them accessible to average computer users (with no programming experience and only minimal knowledge of IT and mathematics)."


Submission + - Chandra sees an oxygen factory in a nearby galaxy (

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: A fantastic image captured by the Chandra X-ray Observatory in Cambridge, Mass, shows the debris of a massive star explosion in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a small galaxy about 160,000 light years from Earth. The supernova remnant N132D is the brightest in the Magellanic clouds, and belongs to a rare class of oxygen-rich remnants. Most of the oxygen that we breathe on Earth is thought to have come from explosions similar to this one.

Submission + - Archive Formats Kill Antivirus Products 2

nemiloc writes: From F-Secure website: "The Secure Programming Group at Oulu University has created a collection of malformed archive files. These archive files break and crash products from at least 40 vendors — including several antivirus vendors...including us." It is not new anymore that security producs have have security problems... What makes this special is that antivirus software is a perfect target. They are run on critical places with high privileges and autoupdates keeps versions coherent. More information: Test material by OUSPG and Joint advisory by CERT-FI and CPNI

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