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Comment Re:Canary in the coal mine (Score 1) 83

This already happens now, it’s just not “legal”—we need to stand up and demand that our access to information not be limited, and create alternative connective tissue to prevent others from blocking access to our own information, while they simultaneously share and record our most private data! In some ways, we are already more totalitarian than their government is. We need to fix this situation because we created it collectively with the assistance of some very shady characters. In the days of dialup, it was actually easier for them to control because there were so few primary servers and backbones. So I’m not so sure that the task is actually easier these days, not to mention that there are hundreds of thousands of hacktivists who have the ability to help change things for the better through knowledge, effort and education.

Comment Re:No More Nuclear Waste Siting Problem? (Score 0) 596

As an "environmentalist" I actually agree with you wholeheartedly. This nuclear reactor plan is the same old junky, dangerous, highly pollutive nuclear meltdown waiting to happen, just slightly newer and shinier with a snazzy new brand name. I can't imagine that the residents of the areas where these will be built are very aware of what's going on. Not to mention that despite all of the "safety precautions" they've come up with so far, they still fail to take into account the gobs of radioactive material produced and the intentions of evil people who would target such facilities in an attack.

Comment Re:About time (Score -1, Troll) 596

I fail to see how this article is "insightful". The point is not to address growing energy needs by possibly causing another environmental disaster. Experience has obviously proven useless in this case. I'm sure that the Congresspeople who were paid by their corporate owners at GE are overjoyed that they'll get their bonus, no matter what the residents who actually have to live next door to a freaking nuclear reactor will think.

Comment So the creator of Diaspora *was* murdered, then? (Score 1) 376

Sounds like this wasn't such a conspiracy theory after all, eh? What better way to keep people from having any privacy than to kill the creator of the one website which would have worked to help provide it cheaply and easily to the public. It's time to make a diaspora, and leave Facebook forever, as far as I am concerned.

Comment Re:ACTA Represents the End... (Score 4, Interesting) 217

Mahalo for the correction/clarifications (esp. i.e. the *illusion* of being represented fairly, or at all, by our phony "representatives" in Washington, D.C., in the State Capitol, and the local governments); it's very telling that these people whom we have trusted for years, no matter what their claimed political bent, is ultimately serving as public relations agents for the top one hundredth of one percent of the wealthiest, internationally. Scams like our current taxation system, phony environmental "regulations" which actually *deregulate* and allow much worse pollution to occur, and anti-discrimination legislation which actually winds up *creating* hatred and resentment... In the past, we were simply told that we were not "holy" or "pure" enough; these days, we're not "law-abiding" or "in a high enough tax bracket". In the absence of scientific knowledge--when you could prevent people from knowing something by simply burning down the library [i.e. the Library at Alexandria] and hoping that no-one had managed to make copies of the books inside first--now these same facetious people are attempting to burn down vast swaths of the Internet simple because they do not like what people are saying. As the censorship of our free speech becomes more obvious, the illegal detainment of people like the brave (gay) soldier Bradley Manning and the mud-smeared heroism of Julian Assange and the overt actions of beautiful/talented programmers of Anonymous, including an new, inspiring wave of incredibly akamai (female) computer programmers becomes more relevant and more highlighted in the public eye. The more that the news cronies refuse to cover the thousands of daily protests involving thousands of Occupy demonstrators in thousands of locations around the world, the more important this type of thinking becomes in my mind. I just don't understand how these people keep going; I mean, when it comes down to it, the foundation of all those peoples' lives is only money. As a member of a sociopolitical party which by definition can only ever include: 307,000,000 people in the U.S. (times) .01% = 30,700 top wealthiest people in the U.S. 7,000,000,000 people in the world (times) .01% = 700,000 top wealthier people in the world; ...that's a huge minority. Especially once they start looking around at all the people they've screwed and continue to screw, pretty soon all their bankers, lawyers, buddies, gardeners and pals who make slightly to much less than them will start realizing who it is that's been messing with their finances, their medical health, their families, and their freedom in order to keep their bosses in charge all over the world. Deliberately. Deliberately. How long after this realization hits the supporters of the top .0001 (i.e. me and you and 99.99% of the rest of us on this Earth) will we tolerate these phony revolutions, these assassinations, these character assassinations, this mutual atta-boy backslapping and disgusting Real Housewives international jet-setting while the rest of us try to afford a single bag of poi (which now costs $9 in our local grocery store and is no longer affordable)? It won't take long for people to realize that this economic prison is just as illusory as the other ones those people have created for us to believe in and so peacefully slot ourselves into at their demand. I, personally, will be much more aware of political pandering to my liberalism, my homosexuality, my economic status, and I will not be supporting those who say one thing and do another. If Hawaii is going to start keeping track of every website that we visit from now on, I demand a list of every website that our public legislators visit, and those of the lobbyists who pay them. I want this "public record" to include those unexpurgated records of our highest politicians and religious leaders, alongside our own. Only then will people see how disgustingly filthy this system is, from bottom to top.

Comment 3d porn (Score 1) 96

3D Porn! Need I say more? Anyway now that I got your attention I remember sketching a camera like this 15 years ago and learning *then* that it was nothing new... I heard that Disney's panoramic movie at Disneyland LA used something like this, just in analog and without the processing. True 3d processing is like what you see at http://2d3.com/ ...

Comment Thank Kentucky for God! (Score 1) 648

...er. Well, I hope that there will be an exhibit explaining how they didn't need ride designers, engineers and economists to put this all together, but how all they did was get together in a circle and pray, and a golden shaft of warm salty light from heaven spilled down upon their upturned faces, and turned into roller coaster rides. Then, they can go on TV and rant against Darwinism, and explain how all animals on Earth evolved from Ocelots and Orangutans present on the ark in B.C. 500 or so. I think this is hilarious, my boyfriend and I will probably go, dressed normally, then rip off our hetero clothes and kiss in full-on drag in the central courtyard, while a videocamera records our big gay kiss in front of the park's opening sign. I love this stuff. So easy to do... hee hee!

Comment Shows how much bad thinking is left in Wall Street (Score 5, Insightful) 72

Shows how much bad thinking is left in Wall Street... when one of history’s most successful computer retailers thinks it’s better to artificially “pump up” its stock prices, rather than increasing its true overall value through better products and better customer service. And as Pikoro noted above, the settlement funds should go towards programs which provide or promote technology for the public good (i.e. pumping up Kno/iPad tablet availability for schools to replace textbooks, or funding a practical, decent, open school admin database), and not going directly into mysterious government coffers where people like defense contractors can get at it, which is doing nothing but *harming* the public good.

Submission + - Microsoft Cancels Project Natal "Milo" (next-gen.biz) 1

kuleiana writes: "Webside "Edge" reports that Microsoft/Lionhead Games' Project Milo has been cancelled (as seen previously on Slashdot and on many online demos like the one on TED). This controversial project has generated a lot of controversy; from the degree of true interactivity offered by the AI, to the true efficacy of its speech recognition engine, no project has generated this much curiousity amongst game AI researchers (like me). As the article says, the technologies used in Milo/Project Natal will be used in other projects, perhaps even the upcoming Fable 3."

Comment The procedureâ(TM)s more than *that*! (Score 1) 369

The procedure is actually to write random bits (01101111010110000 etc) at least seven to 13 times! This doesnâ(TM)t 100% guarantee nonrecovery, but it comes very close. Also, most hard drives are *not* regularly zeroed out (in free space), unless thereâ(TM)s a security policy in place at that particular facility/organization/office that implements a daemon thatâ(TM)s going to handle it for you.

Submission + - Best practices to avoid Ajax security threats

An anonymous reader writes: This article, provided an overview of different ways in which Web 2.0 applications avoid the same-origin policy. It also demonstrated how this opens up some new attack vectors to Web applications. It discusses some common types of attacks and the results that attackers can obtain. Finally, it concluded with a best practices section, which you can use to avoid some of the most common Ajax application attacks.

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