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Submission + - Qentis Aims to own 'all copyrights' 1

ktetch-pirate writes: Russian company Qentis Corporation claims to have a new business model, where they claim to own all music, images,and literary pieces under 400 words (including the lyrics to Lada Gaga's Applause. TorrentFreak points out that this would stifle creativity, if copyright law worked that way, which it doesn't. Meanwhile, their researcher ran the mathematics of why this just doesn't work, and found they'd need tens of billions of universes to just get started.

Submission + - Is Jamendo Violating Creative Commons? (ktetch.co.uk)

ktetch-pirate writes: "Jamendo underwent a site redesign last week. However, the popular creative commons based music site's new design doesn't exactly comply with the best practices of Creative Commons licensing, by not really telling you what license is being used. Is it now in violation of Creative Commons licensing itself?"

Submission + - BitTorrent Turns 10 (blogspot.com) 1

ktetch-pirate writes: "On this day, 10 years ago, Bram Cohen released the first bittorrent client to the public. Most P2P protocols have had a rapid rise and then a drop-off as the next best thing has come out, but after 10 years, nothing has bested bittorrent, and it still remains king of the p2p castle. Just when will it be bested?"
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UK Anti-Piracy Firm E-mails Reveal Cavalier Attitude Toward Legal Threats 200

Khyber writes "A recent DDoS attack against a UK-based anti-pirating firm, ACS:Law, has resulted in a large backup archive of the server contents being made available for download, [and this archive] is now being hosted by the Pirate Bay. Within this archive are e-mails from Andrew Crossley basically admitting that he is running a scam job, sending out thousands of frivolous legal threats on the premise that a percentage pay up immediately to avoid legal hassles."

Submission + - Swedish Pirate Party Launches ISP (sydsvenskan.se) 1

WillDraven writes: Torrentfreak is reporting that The Swedish Pirate Party has launched an ISP. Starting with 100 residents in the housing organization LKF (Swedish) in the city of Lund, Pirate ISP hopes to gain 5% of the market in Lund before spreading to other markets. Headed by longtime Pirate Party member Gustav Nipe, seen giving an English interview about the ISP here, the company aims to provide internet service with the sort of guarantees one would expect from the Pirate Party. Most notable of these are the promises to keep no logs of subscriber activity and provide no data to law enforcement or private corporations. The original Swedish report on Sydsvenskan can be found here.

Submission + - Attempt at Record Bittorent Swarm Size (wordpress.com)

avatastic writes: A record attempt has been started invoving bittorrent, to see just how many seeds can be on one torrent. The current record for simultanious seeds on a torrent is around 124,000, set for an episode of Heroes. The attempt uses a small image file for the contents, and already has a decent number of seeds.

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