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Journal Journal: You have 233 unread slashdots 1

Well 226 to be precise, seven others are not related to /.. Recently I've been busy with midterms and my research paper (lets not forget my addiction to World of Warcrack... pixelated crack I love thee). To be honest I enjoy lurking in my gmail and reading about whats happening in your lives (I feed off your social interactions, its just the way I am *shrug*) and keep the JEs rolling. I hope to find something interesting to talk about in the future until then... *activates lurker mode*
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Journal Journal: Hello everyone.

Hi everyone, I really appreciate your warm welcomes and thanks go to Tom for introducing me to your community. I rarely get a chance to post in my journal but I'll be sure to keep track of whats going on in yourlives :). For now I will lurk until I see a topic requiring my input.

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