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Submission + - SPAM: cosmology and hubble constant and constant dark en

isafakir writes: "Astronomers are honing measurements of a familiar cosmic parameter to shed new light on dark energy, the mysterious entity that's accelerating the universe's rate of expansion. Known as the Hubble constant, this parameter indicates the current rate at which distant astronomical objects are receding, a number that can be used to estimate the age of the universe. A new measuring method has reduced uncertainty in the constant's value by more than half, to 4.8 percent The new measure of the Hubble constant, 74 kilometers per second per megaparsec (plus or minus 3.5), indicates that the universe is about 350 million years younger than the previous 13.7 billion-year estimate, Riess says. "What's really new is that the Hubble constant, with this precision level, has become competitive with the big three other methods for measuring dark energy," Riess says."
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