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Journal kriston's Journal: Consumer Products for Computing 2008

More consumer products for computing and an update.

1) Logitech Marble mouse for daily use. Kensington Expert Mouse for continuous use.

2) SIIG MiniTouch Plus PS/2 keyboard with 5-year warranty appears to be out of production but there is plenty of stock on hand at all the major retailers that report stock levels.
This same keyboard is also sold as the generic BTC-5100C keyboard in either ivory or charcoal gray.
The recent SIIG production models actually have "BTC-5100C" in the model number, but only the SIIG model has a 5-year warranty. The BTC version is about $15 cheaper but is only warranted through the vendor.
Both brands of this fabulous sub-$40 keyboard easily trump all the $60+ Happy Hacking keyboards since they have the backspace and back-tick keys in the expected places for PC users, and the full-width caps lock key is suitable for use as your control key.
The most recent models have a clean, silent feel. Earlier SIIG models have squeaky, noisy feel, which can be remedied by a warranty replacement which supplies you with the most current SIIG-branded BTC model.

3) The Hawking H-U2PS2 PS/2 to USB converter is the only PS/2 converter that properly accounts for keybounce elimination, multiple key chording, and can keep up with touch-typists. It also has special support for all the key sequences required by Sun machines.

4) Dell's cheaper flat-panel monitors. Even though these are TN panels they are clear, bright, and don't have stuck pixels.

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Consumer Products for Computing 2008

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