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The Internet

Submission + - How do you crete a unique internet persona?

krgallagher writes: "

I am pissed.

My name is Kevin Rene Gallagher.

My first access to the internet happened in 1991. At that time I began looking for a unique 'Nome De Plume' to create an identity on the internet. I searched for "Kevin Gallagher", and I discovered that there was already a ""Kevin Gallagher" on the internet. My next choicce was "Gallagher but that still resulted in too many hits. Finally I decided on krgallagher. I have been krgallagher anywhere I can preempt the name for the last ten years. For at least the last five years, I have been the top ten results for any Google search for krgallagher.

It is not this other person's fault that her name is similar to mine. Still, I have put a lot of energy into creating a unique persona, and she does not want to be saddled with my identity any more than I want her to have my ID. I realize that I can register a trademark, and then sue anyone that tries to use my identity on the internet. Isn't there a simpler way?

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