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Submission + - US legislature demands answers after PSN attack (

rev_media writes: "The US Congress, the United States' legislature for the federal government, has issued a letter to Sony requesting answers for a number of unanswered questions concerning last week's "outside intrusion" of the PlayStation Network.

The two-page letter is signed by Mary Bono Mack, Republican of California, who requests a reply by May 6 (Friday). Replies are requested for 13 questions."

PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - SPAM: Discover methods on how to fix your ps3

trevorhoang writes: Hello guys, Trevor here. Is your play station 3 showing an error sign or a yellow light is appearing on your console? Are you contemplating on getting a new ps3 or sending yours back into the manufacturer for repairs? If you haven’t done this yet then that is a good thing. Please read on for the do’s and don’ts when your play station 3 starts showing error messages. Do not kick or physically abuse your playstation. Do not purchase another ps3. No not send it back for repairs. Unless you are a certified Sony tech expert, do not use a Phillips screw driver and open the console. There have been many discussions on troubleshooting a play station 3. This is my list on how I trouble shoot my console.
    Restarting the console — Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. Restarting a console might make the play station work again.
  Use another disc – the problem might be the disc that is being used. Put in a clean disc to test the console
3. Turn the ps3 off — A ps3 can overhead and cause problems. Leave the ps3 off for 30 minutes until console is cooled.
4. Check the cables – if the cables are accidentally unplugged or re attached incorrectly , this could cause problems with your console.
5. Checking the system settings — Your play station 3 can have settings that are not properly used. One example would be playing with the PS3 on a HDTV, while the settings are made for a standard TV. In this case, the display will not work as it should. Take a look in the configuration and ensure that everything is correct.

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Submission + - SPAM: Jeans Ideal According to Your Figure

An anonymous reader writes: If you think trousers are the most convenient and universal, all say that the jeans or denim, so finding one that adheres well to your figure dramatically improve your image in the day. Understanding Web Fashion jean type most recommended for three of the "problems or issues" common to find women today in our figure.

If you are thin but have a tendency to accumulate some volume at the hips

To feel comfortable checking your ways and your curves to become a partner, choose a pair with special cutting back the volume. This is achieved by a curved cut on the back seam, and top pockets and sloping inward and focus that raise the volume. The shot from behind should also be longer than the front to hold better and avoid down to crouch. The lower leg is closer to stylize the calf.

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