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Submission + - Trees on Mars really debris flows? (telegraph.co.uk)

Invisible Now writes: Believe us, don't believe your eyes. This photo from the HiRISE camera orbitting Mars released by NASA DOES NOT show apparent tree and bush-like features in a cold Martian dune landscape. (Which BTW has carbon dioxide,water, and sunlight present... hmmm...) Rather it is "debris flows". Curiously, on Mars, debris flows do not seem to follow the local terrain. You can see the background slope features and trenches behind (or in NASA's view under them) have no effect on the direction of the parallel flows. They do not seem to change course or pool etc. And probably due the 'Coriolis" effect LOL, they always appear to be vertically upright and oriented in exactly the this direction no matter what slope they are on or where they appear in the landscape.

Submission + - TV Broadcasters Adopting Mobile To Drive Ratings (fandrivemedia.com)

An anonymous reader writes: TV Broadcasters Adopting Mobile To Drive Ratings Higher
New Text Mobile Alerts Platform Gives Broadcasters Ability To Alert Audiences to New Shows

January 21, 2010: Atlanta, Georgia: FanDriveMedia, a mobile entertainment company announced today that its new mobile technology for TV broadcasters was instrumental in driving improved TV ratings for several stations during the most recent sweeps week. TV Broadcasters are now using mobile as a value add to existing ad offerings.

This technology gives TV broadcast companies the ability to interact with local audiences using live input from fans, text message reminders and mobile WAP sites to specific shows. Using this technology, stations are creating a major new value add to existing media buys and bringing additional value to advertisers by finding new ways for fans to connect to their favorite content. Most importantly is that broadcasters now have the ability to deliver advertisers the much sought after “Three screens” media buy consisting of TV, Internet and the mobile screens.

“The numbers from our NFL Tailgate Sunday show continue to improve since we added the mobile marketing to the mix and really became obvious over the course of the recent NFL season. Despite the disappointing season the Cleveland Browns had we saw our ratings increase each month. FanDriveMedia has delivered a live interactive element to the television show that we didn’t have before and the viewers love it. We know our audience expects us to inform and entertain them and we are using mobile to do both.” said Rob Boenau, WOIO Channel 19’s Marketing Director in Cleveland. “Mobile marketing has also allowed us to give our advertisers more value for their money today by including a mobile component,” added Boenau.

Recent surveys conducted show that SMS interactivity could boost TV show ratings by up to 20 percent with just a couple of thumbs. Mobile allows audiences to get more involved with their favorite program as it drives TV viewer ship. The new mobile technology is helping to drive ratings at a time when stations are struggling to meet the needs of an ever more demanding marketplace. Mobile allows stations to create more opportunities to engage their audience outside of the actual viewing time.

It’s proven that text messaging is effective at driving TV ratings. The sweeps week numbers offer up the evidence. Not only is SMS being used to drive show ratings but its being added to a record
  number of existing advertising and marketing campaigns,” Said JB Vick President of FanDriveMedia.
“During the last two sweep periods several really innovative marketing directors in broadcast TV stepped up their efforts to make mobile marketing part of their total media mix, meeting their clients need for more bang for their buck. With results like these, expect to see more TV stations finding innovative uses of mobile marketing to create connections with their audience and more marketing teams adding this new technology component to their overall advertising plans” added Vick.

Mobile will continue to play a vital and prominent role as more broadcasters include it in their media programs. Advertisers will use mobile as a cost effective way to reach and target the large audience broadcasters can deliver.


Submission + - Haiti Quake Could Have Been Worse (sciencemag.org)

sciencehabit writes: The death toll from yesterday's magnitude-7.0 earthquake in Haiti has already reached the thousands and may climb higher. But seismologist William McCann says things could have been a lot worse. The quake ruptured only a part of the fault segment that caused a magnitude-7.5 quake over 200 years ago, he says, and that quake was about 20 times more powerful than the one that struck near Port-au-Prince yesterday.

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