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Comment Re:The distinction is minor (Score 1) 223

My wife somehow every one of her devices that results in the connection for the charger being exceedingly fiddly. I don't know if she just applies massive pressure to the USB input or what, but the end result is her complaining to me very frequently about how her electronics don't work like they ought to (and for some reason, mentioning that none of mine, which are the exact same model, exhibit this flaw that every one of her devices exhibits, doesn't make her think I've made a valid point and instead gets me in trouble).

This will save me at least an hour of hearing about something I can't fix each week. I'll gladly pay for that :)

Comment Re:Honest Question (Score 2, Insightful) 2115

This is so fucking ignorant I don't know where to begin.

People that bring home more than $250k probably don't put money into the stock market or anything to allow new businesses to be formed. They probably don't directly fund startups that create jobs.

People that make $250k or more do *not* hoard it, or spend tons on trips overseas and fancy foreign vehicles in my experience. I run a software development shop and I've seen those people join together to provide funding to help a startup form. They do this in the hope that they can make more money later, and leave a legacy for their children. They do this at great risk (most startups fail). If you curtail the possible reward, they will *absolutely* do less of this - there's more guaranteed benefit from hoarding their money than there is from reinvesting it at that point.

I can't get on the internets without getting furious at people these days. I worked my ass off (far greater than 80 hour weeks much of the time) to get where I am today, which is only just barely getting close to your magical rich man line, from making $18k/year or so at the beginning of my career. I now employ 14 people that make on average $60k/year. If I had known that people that make $250k/year would be bad mouthed by the time I got here I wouldn't have fucking done it, and those 14 people would be without a job (or at least without as good of a job as I provide them). My services wouldn't have helped some 70 people start the businesses they wanted to start.

A market is a complex beast. People need to stop acting like they can control it. A family of 4 earning $1M EARNED A FUCKING MILLION DOLLARS THAT YEAR and there's no reason they should have $750k of it taken from them just because they did well. You're encouraging people to not try to do that well. Don't you understand that? If the nation continues down this path then earners WILL take their businesses elsewhere, and you'll be left with a bunch of people dependent on government, and no one to tax.

Fucking hippies. :)

Comment Re:Rest in piece, hacker friendly mobile future (Score 1) 479

Interesting. These are the things I didn't know about webos. I have an N900 and it's my preferred handset, but maemo has some pretty glaring flaws (i'm looking at you, usability) and I was really excited about meego. It's still supposedly coming on a handset from nokia, but you know it won't get the focus anymore :(

Comment Re:Rest in piece, hacker friendly mobile future (Score 2) 479

Isn't webos essentially 'full linux'? My friends that had webos certainly used xterms on them, and afaik it's very hackable - having said that, didn't know many with it and never played with it myself. Looking at getting one of the hp webos tablets, since they still aren't selling the wetab here.

Comment Re:Nokia n900 (Score 2) 359

I can back this up. Here's my post I typed up before seeing this one:

I use a Nokia N900 and do this constantly. It comes preconfigured such that ctrl+shift+x starts an x term. I then just ssh in. I have a fairly fancy-pants password that uses various symbols, and it's easy to type it in with this phone. I can use vim comfortably on the phone (this was a problem with the android ssh tool i used because it didn't have an easily-accessible 'esc' key.)

The N900 runs debian. I can't imagine needing to say more.

Comment Re:Ok great for beginners (Score 2, Insightful) 640

There are an unbelievable number of use cases for forwarding X. Even the web browser example you gave - perhaps I don't know how to tunnel my IP traffic (but srsly, ssh makes it easy) and i want to modify my routes at's painless to just tunnel X for kicks.

Granted, most people that know how to do one can do the other, but it's extremely useful and I will be sad to see such an architecture go, if it goes out of common use. X is great.

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