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Journal Journal: Searching China - Freedom's Future

There's been a lot of news about China and the search engines that are operating in China. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and other companies are rapidly expanding products and services to China. Google and Yahoo's policies for operating in China seem to include censorship not found anywhere else in the world. Recently Yahoo was called out for contributing to the arrest of a Chinese journalist. In 1989 the Berlin wall came down signaling the beginning of the end for Soviet Russia. Many factors contributed to how Russia broke free of communism. I believe that the financial and military restrictions that were imposed on Russia were the cause of the eventual fall of communism in that country. In a sense the rest of the world starved Russia out of its communist methods of government. I feel that today we are making a grave mistake by increasing business transactions with China. China needs to feel the pain just as Russia did. I fear that our strong desires to operate in China will only encourage its control and sustain it from the same failure that impacted Russia. I feel that the only way we can encourage change in China is to bring them to their economic knees like Russia. Then business can help bring China into the world market.

One defense that companies like Yahoo use is that they have employees in China and if they were to refuse to cooperate their employees could end up in jail. That's one more reason why the government of China shouldn't receive any more support from U.S. and other foreign business. We need to change our attitude towards China until they change their governmental practices. Clearly time is needed to create this kind of change. Perhaps I suggest the impossible since most multinational corporations really don't care about this kind of stuff, they only care about the bottom line.
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Journal Journal: Look at me! I'm stable! lol possibly...

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Journal Journal: Interesting quote

Technology . . . the knack of so arranging the world that we need not experience it.
            - Max Frisch

The Almighty Buck

Journal Journal: New DDOS Attack Theroy

Ok so heres how it goes...Im sure that if you saw anything to do with the Cheney/Edwards debate, you saw that Cheney foobared the url for Well hes pointed out a great way to perform a DDos attack.

Take a site that has a high hit ratio, either by hacking or being the owner, then redirect that traffic to a competitor...for example you could take out googles webservers with all the yahoo hits added to it or vice versa (all conjecture but possible). Interesting in theroy at the very least.

Recently I read about a ring of DDoser's that were busted doing DDos for hire. Talk about information warfare...

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Journal Journal: Three more rejected posts for anyone interested...

Title: North Korea to Hack US
Summary: North Korea has trained 500 hackers says South Korea.

Title: Earthlink free VoIP
Summary: Earthlink now offers its existing customers free VoIP phone service.

Title: 83,422,785 instances of spyware found
Summary: Webroot and Earthlink report on spyware/adware.

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Journal Journal: Rejected

The next step to total privacy invasion? Monday October 04, @09:59PM Rejected So my latest submission (along with all others that Ive written) was Rejected...I have yet to figure out the slashdot system for articles...oh well no hard feelings...but if any of you have found out what it takes to get to the front page...let me know :) (btw if ya want to read that post try here)

Journal Journal: National id card?

Ive just written an extensive post for slashdot on the subject of a possible new national id card system...might just be something to write your congressperson over...(we'll see if they post it...the post is repeated on my personal blog here

Journal Journal: A conversation about colors

The following is a conversation between myself and a friend on IRC regarding color schemes:
(the other party's name has been removed at their request, also unrelated comments are removed for easier reading)
[00:37] * KMan ponders good color schemes
[00:37] anonymous> hey kman? ...
[00:37] kman> yo
[00:37] anonymous> you want to know a foolproof way to make colour schemes?
[00:37] kman> :p sure
[00:37] anonymous> take a piece of art
[00:38] anonymous> you like
[00:38] anonymous> any piece
[00:38] anonymous> google images
[00:38] anonymous> and just sample about 8 random colours ...
[00:38] kman> hmmm
[00:38] anonymous> the guy that did the painting did the colour choosing already ...
[00:38] anonymous> don't even think about it.. just random swatches
[00:38] kman> hmm

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