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Comment Re:Why I wait before buying.. (Score 1) 113

"Reliable" is relative. The cost of ownership of a Ferrari, and even a 308 requires dedication and planning.

The 308 is one of my all-time favorite cars but if I don't have the time to perform the maintenance myself I would not own one. Especially if it's a steel body prior to 1984. Another favorite is the F355 but that has maintenance headaches, too.

Comment Re:Sinkholing, WTF? (Score 1) 53

I agree. It isn't practical to patch because if they haven't been patched before and most of their owners are probably ignorant of their pwnage. Wait 6 months and many of those devices would get out of date quickly. A whole government organization would be required to constantly monitor them and I don't think people would want that from the government. These botnets are globally spread out so there would be jurisdiction issues.

Comment Re:Personally I disagree (Score 1) 99

It has to do with focused and diffused modes of the brain. In focused mode, you're using neuro pathways that are already established to perform a task you already know how to do. Diffused mode is where you're trying to subconsciously use untapped areas of your brain to gain that creative ah-ha moment to do something you've not done before. Most people can't be in both modes at the same time, much like optical illusions where you can't discern two different pictures superimposed in the same image.

While you need to perform these mini breaks you should only do them after focusing on a certain task for, say, 25 minutes to maintain productivity and keep procrastination from creeping into your workflow. Then you take a break to let your mind wander and allow your subconscious to use other areas to help gain insight on your overall task.

The following videos from Barbara Oakley explain it a lot better. She also explains why multitasking is not good for focused mode thinking.

Google Talk (1 hour)

TEDx Talk

Comment Re: cygwin (Score 1) 163

I may be in the minority but I have a Windows machine as my main workstation and I use cygwin as an interface to console applications for interfacing with UNIX machines. If I need to manage Windows boxes, I'll use Powershell, but if I want to check out things or remotely script simple stuff on UNIX machines I like using cygwin.

Therefore I tend to install apps like ssh and tmux. Occassionally I would issue a wget command here and there, or a Q&D Python script. I don't run X applications--I have Linux VMs in those situations. Having a VM just to dabble on Linux is wasteful in my environment. My issue with BashOnWindows is it's a separate install for every user who enables it on a machine. It's a simpler approach from a management perspective as there's no privileged access of any sort since every user who installs it has root access. But I prefer one installation, which cygwin allows. I run as a regular user and use the administrative account for management purposes only and cygwin also allows me to separate management duties.

Comment Re:Bandiwidth is *free* fallacy.. (Score 1) 229

It still costs something but that cost for the hardware is dropping faster than Moore's law to the point where it is not practical to even monitor for a relatively small ISP. The main area of cost for ISPs is the last/first mile. For cable companies node splits are very costly and this is the reason why this executive is complaining. But when you have a proper infrastructure, upgrading is not a big problem. Witness AT&T lifting GigaPower subscribers capped usage.

Comment Re:Yikes that's fast (Score 2) 324

The Android subreddit was discussing this a day ago. In actuality some Android devices have slightly better performance in the multi-core benchmark while their single-core scores are much lower, although take comparing different platform scores with a dash of salt. I don't follow mobile devices but some people attribute some of this performance to come from NVMe storage in newer iPhones. has one of the benchmarks posted.

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