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Submission + - Google's Awkward Domain for New Android Market ( 1

kjh1 writes: Anyone else notice that Google stumbled when it came to picking the domain name for the new Web-based Android Marketplace? Instinctively, everyone is going to go to or, both of which are not owned by Google. Instead, it's hosted at the awkward

Submission + - The Fuel Cost of Obesity (

thecarchik writes: America loves to complain about gas mileage and the cost of gasoline. As it turns out, part of the problem is us.How much does it really matter? A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found a 1.1 percent increase in self-reported obesity, which translates into extra weight that your vehicle has to haul around. The study estimates that 1 billion extra gallons of fuel was needed to compensate for passenger weight gained between 1960 and 2002

Submission + - What went wrong at Yahoo? Paul Graham opines (

kjh1 writes: Paul Graham writes about what he felt went wrong at Yahoo. He has first-hand experience — his company, Viaweb, was bought by Yahoo and he worked there for a while.

In a nutshell, he felt that Yahoo was too conflicted about whether they were a technology company or a media company. This in part led to hiring bad programmers, or at least not going single-mindedly after the very best ones. They also lacked the 'hacker' culture that Google and Facebook still seem to have, and that is found in many startup tech companies.

The Internet

Submission + - Why Wireless will be Exempt from Net Neutrality (

Hugh Pickens writes: "JP Mangalindan writes in Fortune Magazine that when Google and Verizon brokered a compromise on the definition — or at least, their definition — of net neutrality, there was one glaring carve-out: wireless traffic, which was not covered by the agreement because unlike cable, which is built with high-capacity fiber, a wireless network is built on the theory that just 10% of subscribers will be using the spectrum at the same time and while it only takes a minute for one anime-over-Android addict in a neighborhood to bring down everyone's cell service, it takes three years in some cities for a new cell tower to get approved. "Someone gave a very good example," says Craig Moffett. "'My mother just got a pacemaker that will wirelessly contact the hospital if she suffers from cardiac arrhythmia. Are you telling me it would be illegal to prioritize that traffic over a video of a squirrel on waterskis?" Eventually the carriers will have to make improvements — if they have any chance of staying competitive but it won't be cheap and they'll fight any data-increasing net neutrality mandate with every lobbying dollar they have."

Submission + - Do we need a Federal law on electronics recycling? ( 1

coondoggie writes: A move could be afoot to get the Federal government behind a national law that would standardize the way electronic equipment is disposed of and or recycled. A report issued this week by Congressional watchdogs at the Government Accountability Office stated: "The United States does not have a comprehensive national approach for the reuse and recycling of used electronics, and previous efforts to establish a national approach have been unsuccessful

Submission + - SPAM: My Top 12 Favorite iPad Apps for Productivity, Fun

kjh1 writes: Yet another top x list of iPad apps. Given how many apps now exist for things like iPhones, iPads, Androids, Palms, even Livescribes, there has to be a good way to figure out what the best app is in a given category. Of course, even the word 'best' is difficult to quantify. Is it quality? Is it popularity? Is it stability? No. Of course, it's some 'magical' combination of those (and other) factors. The 'crowd' can help, assuming it is of (some unknown) critical mass.

So what's a decent first shot at a system that lets the cream rise to the top without completely burying worthy or up and coming competitors? Of course, like any other technology, it will evolve over time and with advances in things like fuzzy logic and data mining.

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Intel Embedded

Journal Journal: MvixUSA, Unicorn Bends to Pressure, Releases GPL Source Code

After being pressured by their user base, MvixUSA, the distributor of the Mvix MX-760HD Wireless Media Center, has obtained the source code to the firmware from the Korean manufacturer, Unicorn Network Total Solution, and made it available for download on their website. The firmware is based on the uClinux kernel. This is reminiscent of the fight that the community had to go through with GamePark Holdings, Inc. to have them


Submission + - Sling Media Under Pressure From Competitors

An anonymous reader writes: Sling Media, makers of the Slingbox, is potentially experiencing competitive pressures from its competitors, Monsoon Multimedia (Hava), Sony, and even DIY Open Source software. They are launching a multi-thousand dollar giveaway that will run 12 days with prizes including Slingboxes and SlingLinks. The contest is being run on a site called SlingCommunity which claims no affiliation with Sling Media.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: Verizon Doesn't Know The Difference Between Dollars & Cents

A Verizon Wireless customer is keeping the internet updated on his quest to be freed from a $71 bill after he was quoted the amazing rate of .002 cents/kilobyte. Verizon then sent him a bill for .002 DOLLARS per kilobyte. He is fighting the bill on the grounds that he was quoted in cents. You can follow his adventures in educating a multi-billion dollar comm

Submission + - Yahoo CEO Speaks Up about Shake Up

cvos writes: Yahoo has been under fire from loosing marketshare to Google and now MSN. Many executives have departed in the last few weeks, and Yahoo has received a lot of unfavorable press. Their CEO let out a (untentional) personal and heated response to media critics.

Semel's rhetoric goes to show how well-balanced he is: he's got a chip on both shoulders. mel_webcast/

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