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Submission + - Google Maps finally available on iOS

hcs_$reboot writes: After the disastrous Apple Maps replacement over Google Maps in September, Google made a Maps app on iOS approved and released by Apple today. The app includes turn-by-turn directions, vector-based graphics and live traffic data. It's available from the Apple Store for iPhone and iPod touch (and iPad — iPhone format). At least.

Submission + - Asteroid Vesta Covered in Hydrogen (

DevotedSkeptic writes: "The protoplanet Vesta, a large space rock in the solar system's asteroid belt, is covered with a surprising amount of hydrogen, and bits of Vesta may have rained down on Earth in the form of meteorites, NASA's Dawn probe has revealed.

Dawn spent more than a year orbiting Vesta, a behemoth 330-mile-wide asteroid that circles the sun between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Earlier this month, on Sept. 5, Dawn took its leave of Vesta to begin trekking to the even-larger space rock Ceres, which is categorized as a dwarf planet.

Meanwhile, though, scientists are still poring over the treasure trove of data on Vesta gathered by the probe, and two new studies are reported on Sept. 20 in the journal Science. In one, researchers report the findings of Dawn's Gamma Ray and Neutron Detector (GRAND), which mapped the elemental composition of Vesta's surface."

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Automated Global Perfomance Report?

ABFusion writes: We are a rapidly growing management company with a portfolio of hotels and restaurants that operate on a wide variety of POS and PMS systems that produce different reports. Since these systems are mostly dictated to us by franchise requirements, standardizing platforms is not really an option. We currently have employees e-fax reports to us overnight, but waking up to a hundred pages of faxes in my inbox every morning and trying to pick out the data we need is becoming very cumbersome. We need to efficiently collect the relevant data overnight, put it into some type of database that can track performance over time, and produce a global snapshot of company performance that can be in my inbox every morning. I can hire an IT professional to actually implement this once I know what I want, but we don't have a ton of money to throw at it and I need a starting point.

Submission + - U.S. House STEM visa bill fails ( 2

dcblogs writes: A Republican-led effort to issue up to 55,000 STEM visas a year to students who earn advanced degrees at U.S. universities was defeated Thursday in a House vote. It needed a two-thirds vote, or about 290 ayes, for approval. Its supporters came up short, 257 to 158. Both parties support green cards for science, technology, engineering and math advanced degree grads, but can't agree on legislation. U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), who has introduced his own STEM bill, urged House leaders to seek new negotiations: "A bipartisan compromise can easily be ready for the lame duck session. There is too broad a consensus in favor of this policy to settle for gridlock."

Submission + - Australian team creates quantum bit in single atom (

freitasm writes: A research team led by Australian engineers from the University of New South Wales has created the first working quantum bit based on a single atom in silicon, opening the way to ultra-powerful quantum computers of the future. “For the first time, we have demonstrated the ability to represent and manipulate data on the spin to form a quantum bit, or ‘qubit’, the basic unit of data for a quantum computer,” says Scientia Professor Andrew Dzurak. “This really is the key advance towards realising a silicon quantum computer based on single atoms.”

Submission + - Romney Video Recorded Illegally 2

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Investigative attorney Marc Weber Tobias writes in Forbes that whoever recorded Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's private speech to campaign contributors in May about the 47 percent of Americans who pay no income tax did so illegally because reporters were specifically excluded from the fund raiser and Florida is one of twelve states where it is a felony to record a conversation covertly when all parties have not consented. "The interesting question for politicians is whether criminal action should be pursued against those producing the covert recordings or making their contents public," writes Tobias adding that Linda Tripp, friend to Monica Lewinsky, was prosecuted in Maryland after secretly recording phone conversations relating to the Clinton Affair. Although under Florida law it is a felony to secretly record someone who has a reasonable expectation they are not being recorded, many say anyone running for President should always expect that they may be recorded by someone, somehow. "The thing that candidates have to worry about is that every event that they're at, there's no such thing as off the record anymore," said Doug Thornell. "These are moments that campaigns live for. And certainly in this instance, Mitt Romney provided Democrats with a gold mine of rhetoric.""

Submission + - Can a court order you to delete a facebook account? ( 4

jaymz666 writes: Can a court really order you to delete a Facebook account?
When Asher initially appeared in court after the July 20 accident, the judge told her to delete her Facebook account, Kittinger said. Asher did not take it seriously, and was charged with contempt of court when the judge learned her Facebook page was still active.

Seems like a big over reach.


Submission + - Verizon Offers Free Tethering Because It Has To ( 1

jfruh writes: "Most US wireless carriers are trying to have it both ways on tethering or smartphones-as-hotspots — moving people from unlimited data plans to plans where they pay by the gigabyte, but then also charging them extra if they want to share the gigabytes they've paid for with other devices. But on Android phones on Verizon, at least, you can still tether, not because Verizon is trying to be more consumer friendly, but because, according to an FCC ruling, they agreed to allow it when they bought formerly public spectrum."

Submission + - Intel working on Linux-friendly Clover Trail Atom CPU (

crookedvulture writes: "Turns out Intel's Clover Trail Atom CPU will support Linux after all. Slashdot previously reported that Clover Trail is for Windows 8 only. That restriction applies only to Clover Trail models aimed at tablets, though. Intel has confirmed that another version of the chip will support both Android and Linux. The firm isn't providing specifics, but it seems Linux won't be shut out of the next-gen Atom entirely. Instead, Clover Trail looks like the victim of careful product segmentation."

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