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Submission + - Video Chat for 2007, The Online World Is Changing!

An anonymous reader writes: At first they thought the challenge was building the live adult webcam business, they are finding out keeping it open with models online is even harder!" Live adult video chat has changed dramatically since its infusion in the early 1990's and it's much harder to stay open for the new adult webcam business owner. Could it be saturation of the adult market? Possibly, but like all online business striving to make a dollar, change is inevitable. The live adult webcam market has skyrocketed with new websites popping up online it seems daily and most seeming to have little or no models online, then becoming a "This page cannot be found" within months of that "Grand Opening", The ever growing problems of keeping models online and the traffic flowing constantly is getting harder and harder for the Individual site owner trying to make a go at it with his new found adult video chat business. The idea of trying to keep constant content (models) online 24/7 when starting a new webcam venture is close to impossible, that's why a network is a far better start, says CEO Jeffrey Miller of OdysseyCam. Networks are the way of the future for new startup webcam businesses, sharing models throughout the network websites assures constant content online 24/7, giving a greater exposure for growth at a faster pace. Once you have outgrown a network moving completely on your own is much easier than starting from ground zero, a network solves the problems of over saturation of new webcam sites and less out of pocket expenses trying to keep models online while you build your Adult Cam business. OdysseyCam

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