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Comment Re:Simulation (Score 2) 178

You've got to consider the scale of the technology too in comparison to the competence. Blizzard games can be largely simulated just by a spreadsheet and a relatively simple random number generator. Atomic level simulation of a leaf flittering in the wind blows a WOW server away. Let alone an entire universe.

Comment Re: Once again, Hillary did not win. (Score 1) 268

Of course he's not really part of the plan, he's a tool of the plan, but his mercurial nature is part of his vulnerabilities. It's what makes him desirable.

No, it makes it a shitty plan. Someone like Dubya makes sense. He's not bright, but he's predictable. Trump might change his mind 4 or 5 times during a staff meeting, or even a few times within a single sentence.

Anybody who isn't a moron can plainly see that the Russian agenda is far more anti-Clinton than pro-Trump. Putin has reasons to be against Clinton, and I would actually agree with a lot of them. Unfortunately, because Trump is, as I said, unpredictable, he just turned Syria into more of a shitstorm, by interfering in the same kind of way that Clinton would have.

The actual cause for his shitty policies is because he's a bought-off whore, and loves to lick the boots of those more powerful than him. Most of the biggest policy examples of him being a Russian agent are explained just as well or better as him sucking dick for the fossil fuel industry.

Comment Re: Once again, Hillary did not win. (Score 4, Insightful) 268

Oh please, the Russian plot narrative is ridiculous because of how much of a manchild Trump is. He's far too temperamental to reliably be part of a coherent plan. Focus on his actual shitty policies instead of trying to pretend that Clinton didn't ruin her own campaign.

Comment Re:Good move (Score 1) 268

How is it Libertarian to TRUST the government? I want all of our politicians to have bombs embedded in their necks, and if they even look at a lobbyist, it goes off. IMO, the president SHOULD be a quasi-slave position to preserve the liberty of the other 300 million of us, plus the 7 billion others that occupy this rock.

Comment Re:Good decision (Score 1) 268

Yeah, the Dems have sabotaged the left, typically because they think they're so fucking smart by using "triangulation" (i.e. giving up before you even start the fight), and are arguably MORE to blame for the rightward shift of our politics than the Republicans. I would LOVE it if Obama, Schumer, Pelosi, and the whole Clinton clan were all shot into the sun. With friends like them, we don't need enemies.

You are accusing me of never blaming my team, when it's the very opposite. I want the majority of 'my team' to be dead or at least gone from politics. Then we might reach some reasonably sane policies. I want the left to be on the left (particularly the progressive flavor), and the right on the right (ideally the libertarian flavor). The Clinton wing wants it to be center-right and goddamn-crazy-right.

Regarding transparency, I'm far more extreme on that than anybody currently in a position of power. I want those elected to office to cede certain rights (such as most contracts) for 5-10 years, and I want effectively everything that isn't weapon schematics and troop positions to be public record.

Comment Re:$70k? (Score 5, Insightful) 268

If the website stops 1 Tomahawk missile from being fired, it's paid for itself several times over. The problem isn't that there's an attempt at financial responsibility. It's that the only time some people seem to care is when it's something useful, and never when it's a corporate handout or war profiteering.

Comment Re:Obama was an exception, not Trump (Score 5, Insightful) 268

There were three past presidents that could reasonably be expected to have a transparency website. Clinton is arguably grandfathered in because he largely predated mainstream internet usage. Dubya is a war criminal, so that leaves Obama, who had a decent but very much inadequate start.

We should be very insistent that transparency is a one-way ratchet, as sunlight is a very effective disinfectant.

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