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Comment Re:Ribbon...?!?!?! (Score 1) 224

> This has been the worst thing MS has ever done to a GUI interface.....and now, Libre has copied the abomination.

Although it is only alpha quality now (it is not feature complete and you need to turn on experimental features to enable the ribbon bar) it is already better than Microsoft's implementation, because you can keep the menubar AND display the ribbon bar simultaneously!

go to tools -> options -> advanced and tick "Enable experimental features"
click view -> Toolbar layout -> notebookbar
click the little icon on the left of the File tab, then select menubar

This solves the MAJOR problem with the ribbon bar concept that I had with Microsoft Office; instead of keeping both the advanced menu and the ribbon bar, Microsoft chose to sack the menu and show only the ribbon bar with its sometimes-meaningless icons, leading users on a wild goose chase. Had Microsoft Office included BOTH the menu bar AND the ribbon bar, I'd probably have given the ribbon bar more of a chance.

Comment Re:ICE (Score 1) 124

Even that would be an improvement. If they were to offer that as an option, I would buy a Tesla.

I still prefer the idea of a gas turbine engine running at peak efficiency rapid charging the battery cell as needed, and they're compact enough that it would not require a whole lot of space for installation; the fuel tank (which I would imagine would only require 15L-20L gal of fuel) would likely be larger than the turbine-driven generator... plus a gas turbine engine would sound really cool! ;) (I'm only partly kidding about that... some folks might actually buy one just to hear the turbine. I mean, people buy crap "beats" headphones just because they're stylish, even though they sound like crap)

Comment Re:ICE (Score 1) 124

Have you never taken a road trip with a friend or SO and drive in shifts?
An EV with a 4-16 hour recharge time won't work for that scenario. All EVs should include range extending generators. It would be a hybridization between electric and ICE vehicles. Oh I know - let's call it a hybrid car!

Comment Re:ICE (Score 1) 124

> Range anxiety that you point out is not the issue. It is charging time and charging availability anxiety. A bigger battery helps that somewhat but also makes the issue even worse. Once those issues are worked out this will be a silly conversation. For example if there was 1 gas station in my state I would not think 'man gas cars are amazing'. No, I would be thinking 'not going to buy that'.

I'll be sticking with ICE vehicles for the forseeable future thanks to the 3 minute "recharge" time. As much as I like the Tesla... I am not willing to deal with range and recharge time issues. Sure I could get a half charge in 20 minutes - IF I can find a supercharger... but why waste my time stopping every 120-150 miles to recharge - and if it goes flat, having to get a flatbed to haul the car to a charger?

If only there were a solution to this problem. If only there were some way to have an on-board charging system, perhaps one driven by gasoline, diesel, or kerosene, where an engine (be it piston, rotary, or turbine) could spin up a generator, or if the battery is close to flat and you really, really need to get where you are going, perhaps include a PTO to connect that engine to the drivetrain. I would call this sort of vehicle a "hybrid car" because it would combine the best of EVs and the best of ICE.

Sersiouly... I'll buy a Tesla when they adopt the i3/Volt/Karma approach.

Comment Re: What about electrical, plumbing etc? (Score 2) 315

Not really.
An electrician may be required for the electrical service (connecting the breaker box to the meter) and to charge the HVAC (I'd ignore that and just charge it - it's really not complicated to evacuate the system with a vaccuum pump and then fill it with refrigerant), but you can usually do the work on your own home and then get the local inspector to check it out and sign off providing everything is up to code. The trick is to find out where local codes are more strict than national building codes and exceed all of them so there is no reason for the inspector to not sign off on the work.

Comment Re:Great! (Score 1) 232

> Longitudinal data has repeatedly shown that "enterprise" drives have no technical or reliability advantage over consumer HDDs

Either they are lying, or you are, because there are firmware differences. Build a RAID5, RAID10, or RAID 6 array with consumer desktop drives, then build the same with NAS or enterprise drives. You will find that the consumer drives frequently get kicked out of the array due to timeouts on error correction, while the NAS and enterprise drives do not.

The differences are minor and firmware-related, but there are differences. You _can_ adjust the timeouts to make the desktop drives behave better in a RAID, but it won't be perfect and you still might encounter drives' dropping out of your array.

Comment Re:Who's buying? (Score 1) 659

They'd also consider the New Testament to be leftist, social propaganda if the "Christian Right" bothered to read the fucking thing.
They claim to worship Yeshua (aka Jesus), who was a dark-skinned liberal jew who spouted off liberal nonsense such as feeding the poor, housing the homeless, caring for the sick and disabled, caring for foreigners (indeed, to consider those who sojourn among us as born in the land), and to not judge unrighteously.

They are committing the sin of sodom (Ezekiel 16:48-60) and are the very pharisees whom Yeshua ("Jesus" if you prefer the anglicized name) condemned in Matthew 23, Matthew 25. Their god is the almighty dollar, not the black leftist socialist Jew they claim to worship.

If the Bible is true and the final judgement is actually a thing, they will hear "Depart from me, for I never knew you."

Comment only 32MB? (Score 1) 300

So, now they make their systems non-memory-expandable, and just as desktop chipsets increase RAM capacity to 64GB, they decide to offer 32GB of soldered-on chips. Very nice.
Yes, I did RTFA, and their reasoning is largely bullshit. It's more of "Buy what you need now, and if your needs change in a few months, don't worry about upgrading; we'll happily sell you a new shiny with more RAM! Just chuck your old shiny in the landfill."

Comment Re:Phones. (Score 1) 79


> But I can't buy a phone that doesn't have expandable non-cloud storage. I use cloud storage TOO but that's not what I want when I get on a plane and want to watch movies, play games, and read books.


> I also wouldn't touch one without a headphone socket. That's just stupid and somehow the fad infected the industry.

The "somehow the fad infected the industry" = "And of course, you will want these convenient $130 wireless, easy-to-use, inferior-sounding, needing-to-rechage-every-few-hours earbuds. Would you like them in black or white? We also have rose gold, for a mere $20 more."


> Boy, do I want the "modular phone" idea to take out. Gimme a base phone with 20 module ports on it for anything from Bluetooth, GPS, IR, headphones or whatever and I'd spend twice as much on modules as the actual phone itself.

Every few years, a few laptop makers get together and propose modular, upgradeable platforms... but no products EVER come out of it because they decide the upgradable model is bad for business rather than building ewaste. ewaste is far more profitable.

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