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Comment Re:Oh the huge manatee (Score 1) 89

Agreed. 45's administration is setting out to commit so much willful evil that it makes no sense to "blame" this on his administration. If they arrived at this conclusion based on previous policies and guidelines that the population growth is such that the species is not in any danger of going extinct it is rather silly to "blame" 45 for this reclassification.

Comment Re:If only (Score 1) 104

> VR has been and will remain a gimmick people will try and then forget about in a month.

VR goggles are great for commercial flights. I bring my Gear VR and Sennheiser headphones with me, then I watch movies on the virtual huge screen and don't care if I can't get a window seat. :)

Comment Re:Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proo (Score 1) 251

And yet, there are patents methods for swinging on a swing (thousands of years of prior art), and stuff like toolbars. Obviousness to those skilled in the art hasn't been a test for patents for at least a couple of decades. Many trivial patents are now being issued - including stuff that has been "public knowledge" already.

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