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Comment Re:what am I missing? why is this so bad for netfl (Score 1) 325

I opted to go the streaming route and I'm exactly in this spot right now (wishing I did the disc thing instead). I sorta was hoping we'd see something change in the months since the announcement with the addition of more content on streaming, etc, but its just not there yet. And unfortunately, I never watched enough discs to justify any of their DVD plans (redbox is much more cost effective for me) so over the last couple weeks I've been giving serious consideration to parting ways with Netflix altogether and looking other alternatives for streaming and movies (including, just doing without).

Comment Re:what am I missing? why is this so bad for netfl (Score 1) 325

Exactly what I've been telling everybody I know who's talked about this with me. The folks they lost are customers completely gone, but there seem to be A LOT of people who have effectively downgraded, myself included. And they're not sharing those numbers. So not only did you lose customers and have your revenue go to zero, another portion (how big is anybody's guess) are paying less on both accounts (my father in law never used streaming so now he's actually saving a couple bucks a month).

The funny thing is, how do you get those customers back? You'd probably have to throw a promo their way to try and lure them back (cause I know a lot of really pissed ex-Netflixters) further slashing your profits.

And I think they're very arrogant. They're perceived response when people started complaining seemed to be "pfft, we know some of you will go but we'll be fine". I'm not so sure y'all will.

I think Netflix should very publicly throw Hastings out on his ear, run a likely expensive "we f'd up and we're sorry" campaign and raise the prices slightly for combo-service (I don't doubt they needed to increase) and offer customers who left and/or downgraded in the last 3 months some significant incentive (one month maybe three of free or reduced cost service, free upgrade to 2 or 3 disc at a time service) to come back. In fact, offer it to all Netflix customers cause they should be thanking they're loyal fans for not leaving them. I doubt they'll do any of that cause their current leadership seems pretty clueless.

Comment Re:Technically... (Score 1) 1277

You've got it all wrong.

We're an anarcho-syndicalist commune. We take it in turns to act as a sort of executive officer for the week, but all the decision of that officer have to be ratified at a special biweekly meeting. By a simple majority in the case of purely internal affairs, but by a two-thirds majority in the case of more.

Now we see the violence inherent in the system.

Comment Re:Send the wah-mbulance. (Score 1) 481

I agree whole heartedly with everything you say.

Netflix has made a business decision to run there infrastructure on Silverlight and consequently has probably serviced a large number of their customers. As much as I'm a linux/open source backer, at the end of the day, companies make decisions, some bad, some good. If there are so many folks wanting to view movies on their Linux boxes, let Netflix know. Contact them. If they get enough response, maybe they'll implement it. If not, discontinue the service until they add a linux compatible client. If they ask why you're canceling tell them.

Unfortunately, I suspect that providing a linux compatible client is going to only add a minuscule boost to sales. Most linux users will figure out a work-around if they care that much about it like dual-booting or virtualizing. Smart for Netflix IMO and sucks for a small segment of its customers. Thats just life.

Comment This guy needs the death penalty or worse... (Score 1) 124

Cause if the games is based on his life, last time I played GTA:SA he was a homicidal maniac, shoot random people and running down women and children, cause thats kinda all you can do with it once you beat the game. Should be easy to prove too if I submit my memory card in as evidence where it clearly states that he's killed however many thousand pedestrians and gangsters.

Surprised he's suing too, cause last I checked when I was done with the game he was a billionaire due to big bets at at the OTB and the ability to restore the previous game whenever those big bets lost.

On a more serious note, this guy's a jackass.

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