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Comment Re:Captured in public (Score 1, Troll) 86

Considering the typical US citizen commits on average 3 felonies a day, 100% enforcement would result in much if not most of the population imprisoned.

That smells like you plucked it out of some place not-so-fresh.

It's an average. Are you really unaware of how over-criminalized our society has become? Do they not have Google on your Internet?

It's a book, check it out.

Comment Re: So now Trump controls where we vacation (Score 1) 197

This belief of it motivating you to seek out legitimate means of making a fortune, and to act on them?

Or is it motivating you to not even bother trying, and hence to remain poor for your entire life?

Our values drive our decisions, which in turn determine our results. Sometimes a little optimism, even if naive, can drive the decisions that get good results.

It's driving me to work a well-paying professional IT job and not think much about raising a fortune. I save for retirement, but that's different. Where I live we still have a decent sized middle class. My choices are not between making a fortune and being poor.

Comment Re: So now Trump controls where we vacation (Score 4, Insightful) 197

I admire billionaires. I seek to be rich like they are. Why wouldn't you? Do you like being a poor chump?

Personally, it's because I believe that behind every great fortune is a great crime. You can't accumulate money at that scale without fucking people over in some way.

Comment Re:Leave the original (Score 1) 542

Sorry some idiot modded you to -1.

I would honestly love to see Disney show some real balls with the Star Wars franchise and do the following:

  • Declare that the Lucas prequels are no longer canon.
  • Rewrite a new prequel trilogy from the ground up. Start only with what is known from existing movies (episodes 4+, Rogue One):
    • Anakin Skywalker is Luke's (and Leia's) father
    • Anakin was trained, somewhat unsuccessfully by Obi-wan
    • Anakin is seduced to the dark side by Palpatine and becomes Darth Vader
    • Something called the clone wars happened
    • Is there anything else?

From that, write a new story, with believable characters, to show the downfall of Anakin Skywalker into Darth Vader. I mean, as emo as Kylo Ren is, the conflict within him is totally believable. He's an interesting character. This is what Anakin should have been in the prequels. Not "Yippee!" and "I hate sand."

They should put this guy in charge of it:

I think he does a decent job of re-imagining the prequels.

Comment Re:The right (Score 1) 102

Define "evil"? Something you don't like with which other people agree?

It's sad that you think you can define ethical behavior for us by using the word "evil". More evidence that leftists are religious nuts.

In this case I'll define evil as reducing fares while increasing the cut that Uber takes from each ride. A lot of drivers are pissed about that.

Comment Re:As intended (Score 2) 102

The employee could just quit the job if they find the conditions or compensation intolerable.

That's not true in many cases, and you know it. The employee almost always needs the job more than the employer needs that particular employee. There is always a power imbalance, which is why unions are a thing in the first place.

Comment Re: FRost (Score 2) 632

Yeah, but he went for an engineering degree "because he thought it would land him a job". Interviewers see right through that...his lack of skills outside general classes. If he was really into engineering, he'd be in clubs, he'd have projects outside of the class to point to.

In my classes there were engineers, and there were people trying to pass the classes. There is a difference.

If you want to succeed in STEM, it has to be your passion.

It's interesting that Armored Dragon advocated finding out where there is a shortage of labor and studying that field so as to be employable. He (I assume Armored Dragon is male, but who knows) contrasts that with just choosing something you like. Then you say that if you are not passionate about your field, you won't be successful. These are contradictory pieces of advice, though I'm not saying either of you are wrong. It just seems there are a lucky few who have a genuine interest in lucrative fields. I have sometimes wished I had a passion for investment banking; I'd be a lot richer.

Comment Re:Die, fscking adverts, die! (Score 2) 281

TL;DR: Microsoft is under NO obligation to produce a product that doesn't incorporate advertising, spying or other "evil" things. Their obligation is to produce a product that extracts as much money as possible from Windows users. Period.

It's funny, it used to be understood that businesses and corporations existed to provide a valuable good or service for people. They traded that good or service for money. Am I now to understand that a company's only obligation is to make as much money as possible, regardless of their utility? Does the largest software company in the world, whose operating system most computer users rely on, really have no responsibility to their customers? That seems upside down to me. Who is serving whom here?

Comment Re:Disagree (Score 1) 917

I learned long ago that I cannot prove anything on the Internet.

Then perhaps you should consider that your knowledge and opinion are not well founded. I demonstrated here that there are no right wing groups attempting to squash first amendment rights with violence, and you have not been able to refute that point. In fact you simply dropped it because you can't provide any such evidence so realize your opinion is based on delusion. I gave the correct scientific answer to gender and sex, to which you make another false claim about perception meaning more than facts.

I'd agree that I can't make you provide or listen to facts, but that has nothing to do with Internet. That is your failure to adhere to logic and reason. Those same short comings are found all over, and I have no problem pointing out those failures when I see them. I further don't bend my own opinions based on "feels" over facts.

Dude, it's just not worth my time. I'm not going to expend much energy trying to prove something to an argumentative stranger on the Internet. It would only lead to more arguing, and I would get nothing out of it. That's why I said you have your opinion and I have mine. I don't really care what you think of my opinion. You think I'm wrong and I think you're wrong, and neither of us will be able to convince the other one of that. That's what I meant by my inability to prove anything on the Internet.

I'm officially done with this conversation. You can go ahead and think what you like of me. You've vanquished another fool on the Internet!

Comment Re:Disagree (Score 1) 917

I used to have discussions with a friend of mine about whether or not there exists an objective reality, separate or independent from people's perceptions of it. He argued that there is such a reality. I argued that there is not; or if there is, its existence is irrelevant. Perception is all we have. So it continues to be interesting to me that we are all observing this allegedly objective reality, and coming to such different conclusions about it. I suppose it has to do with one's experience, biases, and expectations interacting with the information that we come across, what we ascribe meaning to and what information we keep or discard. It's a fascinating interplay, how we make sense of this world.

I learned long ago that I cannot prove anything on the Internet. You have your perception and I have mine, and that's about as far as we can take it in this medium. I agree with you that the mainstream media are not there primarily to inform, but to manipulate and propagandize. We can agree on what is not true, but not entirely on what is true. Such is often the way of things. Cheers and have a good weekend.

Comment Re:Disagree (Score 1) 917

Baseless allegation with no supporting facts, followed by a complete denial of science. I study the right as much as the left, so your claim is not only lacking supporting facts it has no place in reality. There are no "Right" wing platforms performing any of the actions I listed for the Left. The last bit is quite telling, since there are only 2 biological genders. If you claim that you need more, you are denying science and living in delusion.

Hey man, it's the Internet and I'm at work. I don't have the time nor inclination to buttress every point. I'm stating my opinion, nothing more.

You are confusing sex with gender. Sex is biological, gender is sociological. I know that they have been used interchangeably in the past, but the language has changed. Frankly, I don't really see what the fuss is about. I don't really care what gender people want to call themselves. And though the media make a big deal about people being offended at being called "him" or "her" it really doesn't come up in my life.

As for the rest, the right has people like James O'Keefe making shit up and misrepresenting people to make his point. A number of people on the right claim to think discrimination against white people is as much as issue as that against minorities. So there's your analog to seeing discrimination that doesn't exist.

The Republican position on Abortion is that it should be a State issue, not a Federal issue. Federal funding of abortions and birth control is not within the Federal Governments Constitutional Powers. What people rallied against recently was the Federal Government stopping the funding of Abortions overseas through planned parenthood. So your tax dollars were not simply supporting people here, but people across the world. That fiscal irresponsibility should really bother people. We are broke as a Country, with an accumulated debt of 240Trillion dollars. We have poor people of our own, poor education, and a massive amount of unemployment and underemployment.

If that's the case then why are they constantly talking about overturning Roe v. Wade? That is, after all, the case that put the question back to the states. Are you really saying that the Republicans and the right in general do not want to outlaw abortion? Really?

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