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Submission + - Feedburner zero subscribers again Why? (

khabza writes: There might bad call going to follow, Again Feedburner gone to zero states (12 January 2015 ), why feedburner stats for 9 of blogs suddenly gone to zero (0 subscribers).

Submission + - Slashdot style website for environment and development issues - can it work?

sidrosao writes: I discovered Slashdot some time ago, and while not being in the STEM field, I found it to be an excellent format to keep up to date, and this for one reason: the comment system and its community. I have never come across a better format of comment moderation. I think this could be copied in the field of environment and development, as the communities around those themes are more often than not happy to participate and contribute to discussions. Are there any reasons to believe that the relative complexity of the system would not work in non-tech related fields? How would a critical mass be achieved, and what would that critical mass be? Finally, in terms of implementation, who could I hire to implement such an idea (I believe the source code is available at Github) and what sort of price tag would I be looking at?

Submission + - World first digital laser invented in South Africa by CSIR (

khabza writes: Researchers at South Africa's Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) have developed a world-first digital laser that could be a game-changer in the field, paving the way for new laser applications in areas ranging from medicine to communications.

Submission + - 2013s Rocking Web Design Color Trends (

khabza writes: 2013s Rocking Web Design Color Trends — Checking out the latest design trends to obtain appealing web design presence? Color palette is one such essential design element of web design that grabs the most attention. Well, 2013’s color trends are sophisticated and compelling; so it comprises neons combined with greyscale and brights to add the right zest in the web design.

Submission + - Beware of Google Reader alternative Scams (

khabza writes: Bloggers, news reporters are crazy looking for alternative to Google Reader. I suggest on your search beware of email scams want you to register to their site for the purpose of using you emails to sell to a scam?

Submission + - Chrome; Firefox; IE 10; Java; Win 8 hacked at Pwn2Own (

mask.of.sanity writes: Annual Candian hack fest Pwn2Own is famous for leaving a trail of bloodied software bits and today it did not disappoint. Security researchers tore holes through all major web browsers, breaking Windows 8 and Java too (though the latter feat is not remarkable). Thankfully for the rest of us, the cashed-up winners will disclose the holes quietly to Microsoft, Mozilla, Google and Oracle, and the proof of concept attack code will remain in the hands of organisers only.

Submission + - 5 Terribly Outdated Technologies People Still Used With Pride (

khabza writes: Despite the fact that we live in the world where technology changes more rapidly than before, the technology companies appreciate this motive by releasing 21 century application but there are still countless people around the world who depend on painfully outdated technology as part of their daily routine.
5. Cash registers,
4. Fax machines,
3. Windows 2000,
2. Floppy Disks,
1. Internet Explorer 6


Submission + - Apple, Google, Samsung, FRAND: What the ITC has to say (

mk1004 writes: Groklaw has an interesting entry showing ITC Judge E. James Gildea's ruling against Apple regarding Samsung's claims for several of its patents. The article notes that the judge ruled that Samsung's price was not a violation of FRAND, that injunctions were permissible at the ITC, and that there was no patent exhaustion.

Interestingly, the judge noted that Apple didn't even try to negotiate a price using the procedures available to it as a member of ETSI, and instead was trying to use the courts as a negotiating tool.


Submission + - Business Intelligence: Is Your Call Center All That it Can Be? (

mrazzak writes: "Is your enterprise mining business intelligence from its contact center? Great story on Zeacom and this topic authored by Tammy Wolf

Tammy writes that, "Without leveraging the advantages delivered by business intelligence, which comes in the form of performance metrics, enterprise reporting, knowledge management and more, the call center will not be all it can be.
For instance, if a contact center is aiming to trace any signs of customer dissatisfaction within calls, the use of speech analytics can rapidly and efficiently decipher words or phrases that may signify customer service issues. Taking it a step further, phrase identification can deliver information about the call, and emotion detection techniques can pinpoint changes in energy, volume and voice pitch.
When an organization has access to this type of crucial information, it is empowered to modify its customer service objectives to better target customers. As a result, existing customers will become more loyal due to an enhanced service interaction, the contact center will reduce unnecessary expenditures, and more agent time and energy can be spent focusing on more sensitive, critical issues.
A more recent development in the business intelligence space has been the creation of analytics tools to enable companies to gain a greater awareness of customer trends, preferences and product and service responses on social media channels. Just last week, Customer Relationship Metrics debuted its Social Media BI, a social media solution geared for businesses looking to reach out to customers on social media networks. In essence, Social Media BI takes the unstructured, raw and non-formatted comments, questions and posts made on these channels and puts them on a platform where analytics is then possible.
As put by an industry observer, "Contact center managers have to become masters of more than telephony. They have to understand complex human dynamics. They have to be able to use analytics and business intelligence tools to discern patterns of agent and customer behavior. As a contact center manager, make your CEO understand that you aren’t really responsible for 'calls' — you are responsible for 'customers,' who are fundamentally more important to your company than calls."
Business intelligence tools enable call center managers to monitor agent performance in real-time and through valuable management reporting. At a glance, they will have a clear picture of what’s occurring in the call center so peak-time overloads receive optimal resource planning and management. Meanwhile, reporting techniques can mine data for specific information and map these trends to better comprehend issues and gain a general overview of the call center’s performance.
To learn about business intelligence tools from Zeacom, a contact center software leader specializing in unified communications solutions for meeting the business needs of both large and small enterprises, click here.""

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