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Submission + - NYC Tech Sector Growing Faster Than City Can Keep Up ( 1

BioTitan writes: New York City's plans to build it's tech sector have turned out like a party gone wrong—someone inviting 100 people expecting 10 to show up, but finding that not only did everyone come, but they also brought their friends. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to build NYC into the second Silicon Valley. Dedicated spaces complete with 3-D printers, workshops, and computers with design software are being built—with the Brooklyn Navy Yard leading the way—yet there is far from enough space to meet demand. Tucker Reed, president of the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership, said "Despite the presence of a considerable number of commercial buildings in downtown Brooklyn, longer term leases have tied up much of the current space over the next five years."

Submission + - Ask Slashdot How to code and design for lowest energy consumption? 2

ahree writes: We're all aware that smart people came up with electric cars to save energy.

I got to thinking about how to code apps and websites with the intention of using the least amount of energy. Searching for "How to design website lowest energy consumption" basically brought up a list about home design so no dice there.

Seems to me that if we coded and designed keeping the energy use of our code in mind that we could save quite a bit of energy. That is, if a major website linked to other pages, for example, using just text instead of flashy graphics, that we could save quite a bit of energy. The whole economies of scale thing.

Or am I crazy?

Submission + - Inside the United States (

An anonymous reader writes: This is satire. Although the news is real, very little actual reporting was done for this story and the quotes are imagined. It is the first installment of an ongoing series that examines the language journalists use to cover foreign countries. What if we wrote that way about the United States?

BOSTON, Mass. — Human rights activists say revelations that the US regime has expanded its domestic surveillance program to private phone carriers is more evidence of the North American country’s pivot toward authoritarianism.

The Guardian, a British newspaper, reported this week that a wing of the country’s feared intelligence and security apparatus ordered major telecommunications companies to hand over data on phone calls made by private citizens.

“The US leadership in Washington continues to erode basic human rights,” said one activist, who asked to remain anonymous, fearing that speaking out publicly could endanger his organization. “If the US government is unwilling to change course, it’s time the international community considered economic sanctions.”

Submission + - Let Them Eat Teslas

theodp writes: If you're a bright kid who wants to prepare for the 21st century workforce (pdf) by studying engineering at Purdue, the government will help your parents pay the $100,000 or so tuition tab with a 7.9% interest loan (plus 4% fees) that's likely to be non-dischargeable in bankruptcy and paid back with after-tax money. If, on the other hand, you want to buy a tricked-out $100,000 Model S, Tesla has teamed up with the government, Wells Fargo, and U.S. Bank on what it calls a 'Revolutionary New Finance Product' that enables those who play the game right to avoid paying sales tax, get the government to pick up the first $15,000 (no down payment needed!), and also receive a 2.95% bankruptcy-dischargeable loan for the balance, the payments for which could be tax-deductible. Yep, 'Revolutionary' may be about right!

Submission + - Copyright claim thwarts North Korea ( 1

ianare writes: A propaganda video from the North Korean authorities has been removed from YouTube following a copyright claim by games maker Activision. It shows a space craft flying around the world and eventually over a city resembling New York. The buildings are then seen crumbling amid fires and missile attacks. However, the dramatic images were soon recognised as having been lifted from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. By Tuesday, the video had been blocked, with a message notifying users of Activision's complaint shown in its place.

Submission + - Coming Next: TSA Taser Bracelets? (

CaVp writes: From the article: "The TSA’s security policies are getting more and more bizarre, from testing people’s drinks for explosives to ordering all travelers to freeze on command, but could a frightening policy that was seriously explored by the DHS be resurrected – forcing people to wear taser bracelets that would deliver an electric shock if they got out of line?" Fox coverage here.

Imagine a nutjob with a radio transmitter tuned to the bracelet radio frequency... instant bacon!...


Submission + - AOL: Name the Tribble Contest (

Pyrotech7 writes:

The American Heritage Center at the University of Wyoming is holding a "Name the Tribble" contest. The idea is to promote American Archives Month and show people that archives aren't just repositories of musty old documents – they can be home to cool stuff, too.

Instructions to enter your idea are given in TFA


Submission + - Microsoft Asks Google to Takedown BBC, TechCrunch, CNN, US Gov, Wikipedia URLs ( 1

hypnosec writes: Recent Microsoft DMCA takedown request to Google has targeted some of the most well-known sites in the cyberspace – BBC, TechCrunch, Wikepedia and HuffPo among others. Microsoft has sent out the take down requests stating that the URLs are involved in illegal distribution of its Windows 8 Beta operating system. The list of URLs contain 4 from BBC, 4 from Wikipedia, 1 each from HuffPo, TechCrunch, CCN, Washington post, Science Direct, and CBSlocal. None of the URLs listed for these sites and surprisingly half of the URLs listed under the section – “WINDOWS 8 BETA” of DMCA complaint actually don’t have anything to do with Windows 8 at all.

Submission + - How the liberal critics of the Apollo program were proven wrong ( 2

MarkWhittington writes: "A recent story in The Atlantic reminds us that the Apollo program, so fondly remembered in the 21st Century, was opposed by a great many people while it was ongoing, on the theory that the money spent going to the moon would have been better spent on poverty programs. The problem with this view was that spending for Lyndon Johnson's Great Society dwarfed the Apollo program, that the programs in the Great Society largely failed to address poverty and other social ills, and that the Apollo program actually had a stimulative effect on the economy that fostered economic growth and created jobs by driving the development of technology,"

Submission + - iPhone 5 Scorns Standards Promise To European Commission (

WebMink writes: "Back in 2009, Apple signed an agreement aimed at reducing electronic waste resulting from mobile phone accessories. But this week's launch of the iPhone 5 shows them reneging on that commitment. Instead of including a micro-USB connector on the iPhone, as they agreed to do along with the rest of the phone industry, they created yet another proprietary connector. At a stroke, they have junked earlier iPhone accessories, forced a new industry in Apple-only accessories to arise and broken their promise to the EC. It's a huge missed opportunity both for their customers and for the environment."

Submission + - Microsoft patents whacking your phone to silence it (

another random user writes: Patent 20120231838: Techniques and tools are described for controlling an audio signal of a mobile device. For example, information indicative of acceleration of the mobile device can be received and correlation between the information indicative of acceleration and exemplar whack event data can be determined. An audio signal of the mobile device can be controlled based on the correlation.

Microsoft's states that the types of audio signals that could be silenced by a whacking event include any of the following: a ringing, a ringtone, user-initiated audio, a tone, a played recording, an alarm, or the like. The audio signal could be in response to or indicate an incoming call, a message, an update, a reminder for a meeting or event, the playing of music or recording, or the like.

Submission + - Caltech Professor Seeks to Destroy an Egyptian University for Political Ambition (

egNuKe writes: Ahmed Zewail, a Caltech Professor and Noble Prize laureate, has used his political power in Egypt to kick a whole university (Nile University) off its 127 acres campus and use it as the corner stone of his own university (shamelessly called "Zewail University") which will launch after a year or two.

Right now, NU students and staff are participating in a sit in in front of their stolen buildings. All political and legal actions have been fruitless so far due to Zewail's momentous political weight in Egypt (thanks to being a Nobel laureate). One example: a lawsuit filed by NU professors against their unlawful eviction from their campus has been put on hold for 10 months now while waiting for house of experts report.

I hope that slashdot would give the story enough worldwide exposure to put pressure on all involved parties to reach a fair solution or compromise. Either way, what's your advice for NU students and staff?

Unfortunately, most of the material available online about the conflict is written in Arabic. But you can read and for a quick summary.
You can also contact @SaveNileU on twitter for more details/discussion.

Submission + - M$ cancels internet tv (

An anonymous reader writes: Microsoft Drops "Internet TV" from Windows Media Center
So, Microsoft will be discontinuing the "Internet TV" section of Windows Media Center as of Sept 20, 2012.

Instead, they cheerfully point out you can use your browser


Submission + - Author Bares All with Google Docs (

Alex C Kent writes: UK author Silvia Hartmann launched her "Naked Writer" project today, and in doing so aims to achieve a worlds-first by letting her fans read her latest fantasy fiction novel as it is being typed in real-time. This idea follows a trend by authors to use new technology to collaborate with their readers. Already this year, author Willy Chyr invited fans to contribute sentences to his novel and author Kimberly Pauley polled her readers through her blog asking for their help to write the third title in the Sucks to be Me series.

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