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Comment Re:Ban drug ad's like most developed nations do! (Score 1) 383

The problem is that a single company has a monopoly on that medicine

No, they don't - they hold a patent on the fool-proof spring-loaded syringe.

Doctors use epinephren on a regular basis, they just have to draw a dose from a medicine bottle and inject it properly. The EpiPen allows anyone to slam a dose into the leg of someone suffering without any training.

Comment Re:Free market (Score 1) 383

Funny how, in this, like so many other issues, the "conservatives" are against a free market, and the "liberals" are for the free market.

So Republicans are fighting for price controls and the Democrats are letting the market set the price?

I think you and I have different definitions of what a "Free Market" looks like...

Comment Re: You know who else didn't turn themselves in... (Score 1) 236

...after defying authority?
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Ben Franklin

You have heard of the Declaration of Independence, haven't you? The signatories of that document 'turned themselves in' by publicly announcing their intentions to 'defy (British) authority' - they didn't publish their treasonous document under a pseudonym or 'leak' them to the press. Their act of defiance was literallythe worst-kept secret in the 13 colonies at the time.

Comment Re: Except he wasn't (Score 0) 236

Conservatives don't care about the law, only what they can make political hay out of. I don't see them calling for the arrest and prosecution of whoever hacked the DNC emails, but if somebody did it to the RNC they'd be howling like mad.

Cute, but since hacking DNC email is clearly a crime (and no one is claiming otherwise), why the need for Republians (or anyone) to 'call for the arrest' of the hackers? Is it now the case that unless you specifically demand prosecution of a crime committed against others you are presumed to be supporting the crime/criminals that committed it?

Snowden is an anti authoritarian whistle blower, specifically about the authoritarianism that conservatives put in place after their utter failure to prevent 9/11.

Who ran Washington before Bush? (Democrats)

When did planning start for 9/11 attack? (Years before Bush took the oath of office)

Who made it harder for intelligence agencies to share information on suspects/investigations? (Hint: Not Republicans)

Before TSA was invented (in RESPONSE to 9/11) how do you imagine the federal government could have prevented 9/11? On 9/10 the 20 hijackers were simply men from the Middle East that we're learning to fly jet airplanes.

Can you imagine if a Democrat had been in office? And yet we never hear anybody talking about what a massive screw up that was.

Except for you, the 9/11 commission, and nearly anyone you ask - who doesn't think (in hindsight) the events leading up to 9/11 constitute a massive national security 'screw-up'?

Apparently when George Bush took the Oath of Office he accepted responsibility for every intelligence failure yet to be discovered from the previous administration...

Comment Re: How do you take a turn? (Score 1) 176

Which is it, China or Japan?

They are building in the infrastructure to handle the traffic they expect in the future. Forward planning and all that. It's something that the west can't really do because the economic/commercial benefit of doing it today isn't great enough, but China thinks about the longer term.

Then you said:

That's kind of what I was getting at, although I'd point out that Japan has private property and a democratic government and still managed to build infrastructure better than most western countries.

They are't interchangeable, As far as property rights, democratic government, or infrastructure.

Comment Re: downside (Score 2) 60

Our usage of lead-acid batteries is more toxic and we have a tremendous number of those being discarded each day

Your ignorance is showing. Lead-acid batteries are recycled, with recyclers typically paying a decent price for the 'dead' battery. BTW, it is also illegal to 'discard' lead-acid batteries - why not take a field trip down to your local auto repair shop and ask them how they discard lead-acid batteries?

Comment Re: A lot of eggs (Score 2) 60

largest lithium mine in USA is half an hour away...think on it a bit

Ok, I'll think on it a bit - will the factory take in raw, unprocessed lithium or will it go to a refining plant to prepare the lithium for manufacture?

With the mine 30 minutes away or 8 hours away, what is the difference? the lithium still needs to be loaded on to a truck at the mine and then unloaded at the factory - the only difference is the extended travel time, which is really quite cheap.

Comment Re: Love it and stay (Score 1) 265

Deny it all you like, but the fact is that America is slowly but steadily moving towards more liberal social and political systems, not away from them.

The election and re-election of a novelty President ("The First Black President!"), Democrats (liberal) have lost both the house and senate since the 2010 election, but sure, convince yourself otherwise if it makes you feel better. Republicans (conservatives) have been winning elections since President Obama told them if they want their ideas to be considered they needed to start winning elections.

Comment Only 0.24%? 0.7%? (Score 1) 109

Avast didn't store the data they collected, but they did report statistics on which sites were accessed most frequently. "5.1 percent played Pokemon Go, while 0.7 percent used dating apps like Tinder, Grindr, OKCupid, Match and Meetup, and 0.24 percent visited pornography sites like Pornhub."

I'm impressed, I would have put those numbers much higher.

Comment Re:BREAKING NEWS (Score 1) 109

Right, because only a moron has their wireless device set to automatically re-connect to SSIDs they have previously connected to - if you read the excerpt above you'll see they used SSIDs identical to popular hotels, coffee shops, etc.

And of course, by moron I mean everyone that accepts the defaults on their iPhone, Android, other device.

Comment Re: Oh boy (Score 1) 384

And as he will soon discover, if he manages to become President, for all this talk of how bad illegal Mexican immigrants are, the agriculture industry of the border states would collapse without them.

Do the immigrants have to be illegal to work in agriculture? Why can't the positions be filled with the tens of thousands of legal immigrants we take in every year?

The reason Americans don't want those jobs is they don't pay what most Americans consider "living wages" (though, oddly millions of immigrants manage to live off them...), if you remove the low-wage illegal workers farmers will raise wages, legal immigrants will take the positions, and while your food may get more expensive, every worker will be legal. The availability of low-wage workers keep wages depressed, remove the low-wage worker and wages go up.

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