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Comment How do you market them to females? (Score 2, Insightful) 284

That's what I don't understand. I mean a large number of games aren't marketed to any major extent. They send out copies to be reviewed and maybe buy some banner ads, but they don't do TV spots or anything. Of those that are marketed in a larger fashion, most seem to be marketed as, well, games. There isn't a gender bias I can see. It is just "Here is a game where you can do X. Look at the pretty graphics. Buy it."

I guess I don't see what is needed here. Do women need things specifically targeted at them? Must the ad say "Hey ladies, this is a game for you,"? That doesn't seem to be useful because it only acts to segregate. It says "You girls aren't good enough for most games, here's a special one for you." To me it seems that the message needs to be that games are for everyone, all games. Your gender doesn't determine what you can do for fun.

I'm honestly interested in what you think they need to do to market to women. What about current game marketing fails? What sort of thing is needed to attract women?

Comment Re:The solution.. (Score 1) 484

gigabit-equipment is dirt-cheap nowadays.

Gigabit cabling isn't. Or to be more precise, ripping up the carpets and skirting boards in the living room and bedroom without the wife noticeing and complaining isn't an option.
So, no gigabit for me, until the wife discovers something that she wants to do that saturates the network. And I don't think that's going to happen in the foreseeable future - I think we'll move to a different country first and I'll cable in gigabit or 10gig directly.
To be honest though - I've not encountered anything apart from backing up the file server where 100-base-T is a limitation. And the file server I backup by hooking the USB drives to it, then telnetting in and running the process natively on the box itself.
(Wireless? Meh. Tempest isn't a worry; wireless security holes are a worry; and I have to maintain explosives compatibility on my machines. Who needs it?

Comment Re:NTFS linux driver will always be quirky (Score 1) 484

True, I have had zero problems with Windows XP / ntfs and Linux in recent years. But what about Windows 7's ntfs? I've upgraded from XP to Windows 7 and I have found that Ubunut Karmic has problems accessing *some* of the directories on the ntfs-filesystems.

Another thing, will windows 7 "enhance" my external HD's ntfs so that I won't be able to acccess it from Linux? The external HD is mostly a storage/backup disk but I use it occasionally to transfer files to Windows 7.

Portables (Apple)

Submission + - why Linux Community Didn't Come Up With iPhone?

An anonymous reader writes: Lately, there seems to an explosion of interest in Open Source. I suppose it is a natural progression. When interest in something grows, its level of recognition expands exponentially as more and more people become aware. It seems the scientific community is also starting to take note — not necessarily of the software, but of the way in which Open Source community functions.At this time a question arise in my mind-Why linux community doesnt comeup with iphone?This blog story will clarify my doubts.
Internet Explorer

Submission + - The Campaign to End Internet Explorer 6 (

zip6 writes: Ever work on a site and wonder, "Why am I doing horrible things to the code to make this work in IE6 when IE7 has been out for a year and yet 43% of the net public still use it?" Yeah, me too. Thus the reason for End6! A simple JavaScript function from a simple site to try and get rid of this thing once and for all.

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