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Comment Re:Price gouging? YOU should have been prepared. (Score 1) 303

Rackspace has more than enough bandwidth to cover anything but the largest DDoS attacks. However, that doesn't mean that your individual rack's switch, your load balancers, your servers, or your services are designed to handle it. DDoS will pretty much just tickle a bit for Rackspace. It's going to kill your servers far before it kills their infrastructure.

Submission + - In Case of Death, Disclose Passwords

cdoggyd writes: Last year, a man, who kept his address book strictly online, died without telling anyone his passwords. This caused problems for his daughter when she tried to notify his contacts. I remember discussion of a "death clock" system that required user interaction at specific intervals to prevent it from disclosing information like passwords. This would have solved the problem for Mr. Talcott's daughter. Does anyone have the actual name and additional information on this system?

Submission + - How to get the police to reopen an investigation (

evangellydonut writes: January 15th, the body of an MIT BSEE, Stanford Ph.D. candidate, May Zhou, was found in the truck of her car by Santa Rosa police. Officials declared it a suicide but all her friends and family did not believe this finding. After 4 months, the family had the second autopsy performed, which showed "multiple sites of trauma discovered on the body, such as about the head and extremities." Santa Rosa police refuse to review the evidence and reopen the case, so now the family has to pay for lawyers and P.I.s to look into the case. Is there some way to force the police to reopen the case? Is there action that can be taken against the city of Santa Rosa for criminal negligence?

Submission + - Network Engineer's All Purpose Kit 1

El Torico writes: I've accepted a Network Field Engineer job that will take me to a few unusual and unpleasant places where it may be difficult to purchase tools and equipment. Unfortunately, there are a lot of vague answers on the part of my new employer to my questions, and I don't have any contacts who are on-site. What tools, equipment, supplies, and software should I take? Is there anything else that may be useful to take?

Submission + - Wii Opened For Development

kiwipom writes: "The BBC is reporting that Nintendo are opening up the Wii to developers to produce their own games.

"Home and independent game makers are getting a chance to put together titles for Nintendo's Wii console. The hi-tech firm has released a set of game-making tools called WiiWare that give budding game makers the data they need to use the console and its innovative controller.

Do Slashdotters think this will drive a decent selection of games for the Wii driving further adoption, or is this just a gimmick that will supply endless versions of centipede clones? What games, that can be home developed, do people think would benefit from the wiimote and nunchuck?"
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Internet Connection Speed Reccomended For Gaming

Red Mage 13 writes: I'm considering dumping my current ISP, and the thing that I'm most concerned about is finding a good, cheap connection that will allow me to play last-gen PC games (and Xbox live) without too much lag. Is 640kb/s enough, proving Bill Gates right, or should I splurge on a blisteringly fast connection?

Submission + - Zap2It Labs Closing Its Doors (

keller999 writes: Zap2It Labs, the episode listing provider for MythTV, has decided to close its doors. The following notice is posted on their homepage.

For several years we have offered a free TV listings service to hobbyists for their own personal, noncommercial use. In October of 2004 we posted here an open letter saying the future of Zap2it Labs was at risk because of certain growing misuses of the Zap2it Labs data. Unfortunately this misuse has continued and grown. These misuses, combined with other business factors have led to the decision to discontinue Zap2it Labs effective September 1, 2007.
There is a running discussion about this on the mythtv-users mailing list.


Submission + - ZendFramework: state of the project

An anonymous reader writes: After struggling for weeks with tutorials that don't have source code, articles that are out of date, and examples that are just plain wrong, I have to ask
$ZendFramework = IsItVaporWare() ? 'VaporWare' : 'UsefullYoungPadawanGiveThemMoreTime' ;
What do you guys think?
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Neanderthal Man innovator, inventor of Windows (

newsblaze writes: "A University of Leicester archaeologist says Neanderthal man was not as stupid as has been made out. Early Neanderthals were devising new technologies and coming to terms with ecological challenges that defeated their immediate ancestors, Homo heidelbergensis. In Neanderthal Man Was An Innovator, he says "There has been a consensus that the modern human mind turned on like a light switch about 50,000 years ago, only in Africa. But many 'modern' traits like the use of grind stones or big game hunting began to accumulate in Africa 300,000 years ago. It was the same in Europe with Neanderthals, there was a gradual accumulation of technology.""

Submission + - Illegal Monitoring at School

WyllDez writes: "I had an incident today an a high school in Toronto (Northern Secondary School), and I am unsure how to act. The computers in our library are monitored using Net Support School ( ). I was completely unaware until our librarian came up to me, showed me a print out of my browsing history, programs I ran, and all of my key strokes, including my passwords to several websites. I have talked to quite a few students at our school, and all of them where unaware that they have been monitored. I looked throughout the library, and there are no signs anywhere mentioning that they are being monitored. In our usage agreement, it said that we would be monitored at the board level, and only browsing history would be monitored through the board proxies. It should also be noted that all of the key logs are available to anyone who finds the folder! What can we do about this?"

Submission + - WAN-friendly filesystems for Linux

An anonymous reader writes: What options are there for folks who want to have synchronized filesystems on Internet-connected Linux machines, like at two associated branch offices sharing common data, or a small office with an off-site machine maintained for disaster recover purposes? The files should appear to be local at both locations (caching and file-locking), and changes need to propagate efficiently between the two systems. If the Internet connection becomes temporarily unavailable, the data kept as available as possible on each end in the interim.

We're not talking about rsync-replicated snapshots, although those are useful too, but rather live, fast access to a shared filesystem, with the geographical separation transparent to the end users. If the filesystem is large, it can initially be "seeded" from an image on tape(s)/disk(s)/dvd(s). Both sides should be able to access the common data over local Samba shares, too, if they want.

Production quality reliable solutions that work over DSL-type connections are what we're looking for...

Submission + - Are Virtual Servers ready yet?

An anonymous reader writes: Marc Andreesen has been seeing rebuttals to his blog entry on iLike's recent scale out. Brian Aker has been commenting on how Marc is missing the point on how scale out should be done. He and others are saying that Virtual Servers are the way to go. Are solutions like EC2, Xen, and others ready for deployment?

Submission + - Spammers spamming using our addresses

Vesty writes: "I recently enabled a catchall on our domain while our company transitioned to a new website. I didn't want emails going astray etc while things changed over... Recently I've noticed that on the catchall I get a LOT of 'delivery failure' and similar emails, that are all being returned to the same non active alias. After a bit of digging I discovered that about half a dozen different companies spam has been being sent using an alias at our domain as their from address. I've been slowly attempting to call each of the companies, most are extremely shady, occasionally I get a real person that supposedly knows nothing about it. It seems to me that each of these companies has farmed out there 'advertising' to the same third party that is using our address as their from address. I'm sure this has happened to other people, what can we do to stop it? With the amount of spam these fools send I'm worried that any email from our domain will automatically be treated as spam... Anyone have any suggestions? Are they breaking any laws?"

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