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SSL Certificates For Intranet Sites? 286

wiedzmin writes "Anybody who has worked around anything dubbed an 'appliance' in the past few years knows that they come with a management Web interface, which is usually 'secure.' However, no company in their right (accounting) mind will spend $400/year per appliance to buy Verisign SSL certificates to secure Web interfaces on networks that may not even be open to the public Internet. So network administrators, and sometimes end users, are stuck clicking away at an annoying 'Continue to this website (not recommended)' message every time they connect, setting an unhealthy precedent when it comes to the actual security of SSL and the much-hyped MITM attacks. So the question I have for the Slashdot crowd is: do you have valid SSL certificates on your intranet sites, and if so what do you use? Any cost-neutral, or at least cost-conscious solutions out there that don't involve manually distributing your certificates and CRL to every workstation in the company? Thanks."

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