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Comment Re:Game theory (Score 0) 261

people can always sell their account to another person, it's all editable, name/nick/email, i put up my account on a to sell, however i later learnt that my account would only work in my region/country, good thing, coz no one bought it, but i can sell to any of the players i meet on the local servers, trouble is most use no-steam, despite my voracious appeals to them out of loyalty for steam "just buy the damn game it's only $5, you play 100 hours a month at least" and look they go ahead and prohibit players from selling something which is rightfully theirs. What kind of a rule is this and why has no court dismissed this? I thought Germans don't take shit from no one, clearly the judge in this court let the German player take the shit from greedy Valve

Comment Re:Reality interferes... (Score 1) 197

right now, nobody needs USA. get that straight, ur country's time is over. U fuck with the wrong country, ull get ass banged. Sure, libya, north korea, what are they gonna do. But try mess with India, China, Russia, Brazil or a host of different countries. Even a limited military conflict would see USA getting pwned because no one needs your fail economy, and because it is bound to happen sooner or later, some country is gonna get all enraged and declare war on you and attack ur homeland itself or one of your many bases. prepare to recede.

Comment Re:Racism? (Score 0) 409

btw Indians have all 3 races in the country - White (North+West) Black (West+South) and Yellow (Mainly in Eastern India). It maybe so that a higher proportion of the IT people in USA are from South India since a lot of Tech companies are also in South India. Just wanted to clear that up. Let's review again - Aryan/Whitish people in North India, Dravidian/Darkish people in South India and Mongoloid/Chinese-ish people in East India.

Comment Re:Top Ramen Every Night! (Score 0) 409

just because Indians find 50k good money doesn't mean they do bad work. It maybe so that these companies would have anyway paid them 120k and still kept almost the same amount of Indians on their payroll, but since the Indians are okay with 50k (they are not cost-cutting you, they are cost-cutting the other Indian candiates who also maybe equally good) it is like double benefit for these companies. Just because ur expensive country requires 100k to be considered even middle class, doesn't mean that if you get paid 100k then u are a better employee than an Indian who takes 50k.

Comment Re: Good grief... (Score 0) 237

It proves that "they" are really worried that bitcoin is going to destroy their financial grip on the world, so theu keep publishing these nonsense stories to get exactly the kind of reaction you gave out, maybe ur not that stupid, maybe ur one of theor paid shills, paid to post this stupid comment that shows right at the top

Comment Re: First Shot (Score 0) 380

Im sure if mw3 showed russian invaders as good guys invading us, it would have been banned. The us uk is always showing worthy opponents in bad light, first it was russia in games and bond movies now its china. Get in their shoes. When they start making games that show us getting pwned then your oh so free country will ban them too. Wait and watch. Why provoke? Use fictional country names build a fictional geo map and borders its just agame, why put propaganda into it.

Comment Re: Our "for sale" sign has been taken down (Score 0) 141

If a company's usp can be destroyed by a free app (whatsapp) the company deserves to go bankrupt. Its ta back before android and samsung came to the party was corporate assholes. Im just so glad to hear this news. Corporate fuckers are not loyal as blacberry learnt the hard way. Die blackberry die, take ur corporate crap to your grave.

Comment Re:Of course (Score 0) 293

nope, what's more newsworthy is a government killing its own citizens using demolition charges and self-hijacked planes, and then invading some country to nab some imaginary WMDs and then after years and years of collecting oil and poppy seeds, secretly killing some made-up character and throwing his body in the ocean.

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