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Comment Re:It's all about who subsidizes whom (Score 1) 1023

So you are saying that if a Walmart employee receives a government subsidy then Walmart effectively received a subsidy?

The government offers free money to people and that presumably allows them to accept a lower wage from Walmart than they would otherwise accept. The employee applies for the job and accepts the wage. The government subsidizes their lifestyle. And that's Walmart's fault?

Comment Just more big business (Score 1) 342

By dramatically increasing regulations and charging $1 million to review new products before they can be advertised the FDA is giving the industry to big business. Anybody else think that is a horrible idea? We need lots of small businesses to foster innovation and competition in any market.

Comment Re: Depends (Score 1) 315

I follow a nutritional ketosis diet which actually causes most of my brain to run on ketones instead of glucose. It also causes me to require much less sleep. I think it is possible that ketones produce fewer or different waste products that need to be removed from my brain during sleep.

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