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Comment Re:Smart (Score 1) 50

I disagree. I have a Tesla Model S and it drives perfectly fine for me every day in stop and go traffic. At higher speeds it works well too but it is prudent to keep a close eye on it. I think autonomous driving in limited situations is still helpful even if it doesn't work everywhere.

I think within a year or two, Tesla will be able to drive long distances on major freeways with little or no human intervention. That's a huge value to me as a driver.

If my car can handle both stop-and-go traffic and long-distance boring driving, I can handle the rest no problem.

Comment Re:It's all about who subsidizes whom (Score 1) 1023

So you are saying that if a Walmart employee receives a government subsidy then Walmart effectively received a subsidy?

The government offers free money to people and that presumably allows them to accept a lower wage from Walmart than they would otherwise accept. The employee applies for the job and accepts the wage. The government subsidizes their lifestyle. And that's Walmart's fault?

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