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Journal Journal: Shut up. Just shut your stupid fucking hole. Now. 3

Fuck me, but did anyone see that queer-as fuck conversation about the plural form of CDs?

I'm so pissed off right now I could kill someone. I certainly can't sleep. I hate everybody. I just want them all to shut the fuck up.

Christmas Cheer

Journal Journal: Holidays...

I've been busy and haven't had time to do much of anything over this winter break. I'll probably not have time to do much of anything until I get back to school, too. Oh well. I wish we could slow down the Earth's rotation and have thirty-six hour days ;)

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Journal Journal: Freaks 3

How does one gain freaks, or make someone a freak, or however that works?


Journal Journal: Random Stuff

I suppose since moderation works a bit differently, and with my facts straight on how M2 works, it's time to start moderating again...

Some cool games that you might enjoy:
War of Conquest
A, for some reason, entertaining free multiplayer strategy game. Pretty unique, give it a whirl. You've got nothing to lose really. You can win cash prizes but unless you're willing to put a lot of time in you're unlikely to win much.

Shattered Galaxy
Apparently they have a new version out that is much better than the previous one, but I spent many hours playing the old one. They have a free trial, other than that it's subscription-based massively multiplayer real-time strategy.

Natural Selection
A fantastic new Half-Life modification. Aliens vs. Humans. Truly unique; I've never played anything like it. Has lots of reviews and you've probably heard of it already. Definitely recommended.

Counter-Strike Beta 5.2/6.1
Ever wanted to get some old-school counterstrike in? Actually miss the old netcode? This is the place for you. There are still a few servers laying around, and some people who still play. Recommend dropping by #csrevival on irc.gamesnet.net for some more info.

Have a nice day everyone, I'm just procrastinating on studying for finals. Only one left, on the afternoon of the last day of the week. Sometimes life is unfair, eh?
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Journal Journal: Karma

I have positive karma. This is a frightening experience.

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Journal Journal: The first Slashdot troll post investigation

Just so I can't forget where it was. Or any fool that reads this.


So, yeah, there it is, in its 850-odd moderation beauty. Here are the ones I found closest to the time it was archived:

Moderation Totals: Offtopic=377, Flamebait=4, Troll=27, Redundant=5, Insightful=98, Interesting=205, Informative=49, Funny=12, Overrated=11, Underrated=63, Total=851

Anyway...no one will ever see this but me.

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