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Submission + - Switching from IT vs Switching within IT

kashif.ahsan writes: "Theres this guy i know (which is totally NOT me)who has about four and a half years worth of job experience in IT — mainly IBM WebSphere Brand (App Server). He was laid off in 2009 owing much to the banking/economic crisis as WebSphere is mostly used in Banks here (in Karachi, Pakistan)and there wasn't much work/budget for his type of IT expertise. Since I (yeah... its me who we are talking about... laugh all u want...) haven't been able to get any job offers for quite some time now, i am thinking that perhaps this is the time for starting all over again. Right now, I can (a) Start to learn some other software/technology (Oracle/OCP/DBA is in demand almost everywhere) and start afresh (trainee or something) and (b)Just change my whole career direction from CS (starting fresh/trainee) — maybe Management trainee, in Human Resource etc etc. Right now i am considering a job that involves Oracle apps and even to consider that is really FRUSTRATING i-e working at a fresh graduate level (i was a glorified Technical Consultant once...). I don't have much time left to decide between the two, so please give your honest opinion. Thanks."

Submission + - More sex... the answer for fertility problems. (bbc.co.uk)

kashif.ahsan writes: "From the article,"Some men should have sex every day to maximize the chances of getting their partner pregnant, researchers say." The article goes on to suggest that waiting for a week or two before having sex again may raise the number of sperms at the time but the real problem is not the number. The "DNA damaged sperms" are bound to fail more even if they are in larger number, so its a question of quality vs quantity. The experiment allowed for 42 men to ejaculate daily for seven days and it turns out that their sperms were less damaged(20% as opposed to 30% before), though smaller in overall number."

Submission + - Intranets are ripe for emerging attacks (infoworld.com)

kashif.ahsan writes: "From the article, "Experts claim that many companies are unknowingly leaving the door open for outsiders to infiltrate and attack their corporate intranets using new hacking techniques such as cross-site request forgery...In developing their intranets, it seems, many firms don't apply the same level of security testing that they use for their publicly available URLs, the researchers said.Companies typically don't consider the fact that hackers could find a way to get into their intranets, the Web application testing expert said, but savvy attackers can find links to the sites by carrying out emerging attacks such as CRSF threats, which allow them to break into seemingly secure Internet sessions to secretly lift password and browser history data. ""
Wireless Networking

Submission + - The stalker in your pocket (computerworld.com)

kashif.ahsan writes: "From the article "Camera phones contain all the necessary ingredients for completely invasive stalking: a microphone, camera, personal data on the user, location information, a chat and call history — you name it. And victims carry them everywhere they go.All that's missing is the software that lets stalkers take control. This new software, called snoopware, does just that. Snoopware — both legal and illegal — enables stalkers to secretly seize control of a phone's electronics to listen, watch and spy on their victims." Although this case might be a bit extreme but in a few years most of us will have some sort of issues like this."

Submission + - Spware with a badge: meet Policeware (arstechnica.com)

kashif.ahsan writes: "From the article,"A fascinating CNET survey of top anti spyware vendors found that of 13 software companies, all of them stated that it is currently their policy to detect police spyware. When asked if they had ever received a court order to stop detecting police spyware, nine of the companies denied having received such a request. Computer Associates said they were not sure, and both Microsoft and McAfee declined to comment on the question". I'd say that there are lot of stories like that here on Slashdot,but i had to post it here.Just wanted to add the last lines from the movie "Enemy of the State" which goes like, "Our intelligence communities presently monitor our phones,computers, financial transactions,medical histories...all this and more. Some of you may say, "Fine. I'm not a criminal and I have nothing to hide." Well God forbid we ever edge to tyranny. God forbid George Orwell's version of America becomes a reality. We are that close." I wish George Orwell was alive or we could have some novel like 2084. Peace."

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