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Comment Re:I quit using DVR (Score 1) 134

One of the groups that does a good job on this is - you can purchase a season subscription, about $100 USD and you get access to all races and footage past and present - and NO commercials.

I was originally watching it on FS1 and then this past season BEIN took over. I thought - well, if I'm going to pay $10 a month for BEIN on my cable plan, I may as well stream - and I'm glad I do, because with a sport like motorcycle racing, the commercial timeouts were not true race timeouts - and the local company would effectively cause me to miss parts of the race that may or may not have good footage.

US sports wouldn't benefit much from streaming (still have TV timeouts etc) so the advertising could still be there, if they would just make the streaming free or reasonable for those who don't want to subscribe to the massive amounts of cable channels packaged today.

Comment Re:radiation compared to what? (Score 1) 144

To be fair, the rate at which the user moves through the area wouldn't have to have an impact on the perceived radiation level in that given area if the resolution is high enough.

For instance, if the radiation level is sampled at once per second then yes - the speed moving could have an impact if they're moving very fast. However, if the sampling is per 100ms or so - that would give much more of a smoothing effect over inconsistencies in speed over time, since each sample is a given amount of radiation over sample time rather than over total walking speed.

In other words, speed of walking shouldn't have an impact - because just standing in one place should give us the same visual as moving through the same said area.

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