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Comment Re:The Benefits of Subscription (Score 1) 390

Good comment.

I'm a subscriber to the independent Australia media service Crikey. It costs me more than $100 a year so why do I do it? Pretty much all the reasons you've listed.

Dozens and dozens of articles everyday on politics, media, culture, lifestyle, the environment and sport. Some really good quality journalism, often by ex-mainstream media journalists and opinion pieces from well known individuals. A lot of the time they break stories as well, which the papers then play catch up with the next day.

Convenient access! I'll say. All the stories emailed to your inbox (on your computer or phone) as a digest every day and links to the stories progressively twittered as they are published.

When I signed up I got a free t-shirt designed by the resident cartoonist. Lots of merch available as well.

I feel absolutely no sympathy for the Murdoch press or anyone else in the old model of media. This is the way the new media should be run. It's great.

Comment Re:It's always the same 90% (Score 5, Informative) 300

Rubbish. Do a tiny bit of research. NO ONE in Australia has access to 100mbps. SOME people have cable (10mbps) and SOME people live next door to the DSLAM and get 24mbps ADSL2+. I live in the inner-city, but I'm stuck between two exchanges so I only get 8-10mbps. Me, and 90% of Australia will be getting fibre to the home and speeds of 100mbps. Unfortunately for rural folk, it's completely un-feasible to roll out fibre to every backwater town. So to make up for that, they're getting what they were promised at the last election - 12mbps.

Comment Re:haha boil the ocean (Score 3, Informative) 116

What a rubbish post. "Rolling back of benefits"? Er no. Seniors are actually receiving thousands of dollars in cash bonus' on top of their fortnightly stipends and this is to pre-empt the conclusion in the report into pensions due for release in the next few months. As for "families having babies" you're presumably talking about the means test for the baby bonus. Prior to the means test, everyone who had a baby got a cheque for $5000 - a blatant bribe. Now, that cheque is only available for people earning less than $150,000, which frankly, is still way to high.

Comment Re:The world had its taste of freedom... (Score -1, Troll) 309

Simple example to show the flaw in your logic. You think viewing numbers for a program like House in now reflect the future production of the show? Of course they do, just like with EVERYTHING ELSE. Child porn is not static, it's continually being made. Of course you're not a pedophile as watching child porn doesn't seem to fit your definition of that.

Comment Re:The world had its taste of freedom... (Score -1, Flamebait) 309

You're an idiot and your circular logic is pathetic. Yes, if no one watched child porn it would continue to be made. Yes, watching something in no way contributes to it's supply. I think only one group of people defend those who watch child porn with such a stupid argument and I bet you know who they are.

Comment Re:The world had its taste of freedom... (Score 1) 309

Your post doesn't make any sense.

Yes, the person viewing child porn may not be out molesting, but he's viewing a child being molested... So in the end, you're still getting children being molested and filmed. Unless of course, you think it's reasonable to throw a few kids into the fire to potentially lower child molestation rates in other parts of the world/country, thus taking the burden completely off the paedophile.

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