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Comment Re:Thanks but no (Score 5, Insightful) 130

Reddit is already generally a toxic echo-chamber of superficial snowflakes CERTAIN that their opinion is the most important one. This will make it even worse.

The value of Reddit is in the focused subreddits - /r/askhistorians, etc., where the discussion is heavily moderated to be on-topic and to a standard. This change sounds like a horrible idea and will either go completely unnoticed by users because that's not how they use Reddit or will kill it off because the promoted profiles suck all the traffic from the specific subreddits.

Comment I loved my G4 but the bootloop soured me on LG (Score 1) 31

Two G4s, one bootlooped and the other quit connecting to the cell network. They were both the international unlocked versions - LG would only replace them with the locked US version so while they did replace them, the replacements were locked to my carrier with all its bloatware, uninstallable Facebook apps, etc. And AT&T apparently used a different wireless charging system than everyone else, so now my wireless charging back doesn't work any more either. LG had a real competitor here with the G4, a beautiful, functional phone, but failed miserably because of quality control.

Comment I can tell the difference... (Score 2) 77

...between 128k and 192k files. I can't tell the difference between anything much above 192k and 320k. I have a vintage Marantz amplifier and decent speakers, and even with classical I can't tell any difference between a CD and 320kbps. So more power to Spotify if they can convince people they are audiophiles and require lossless compression, which (protip) is already digitally sampled at 44.1khz anyway.

Comment Re:BOOT LOOP (Score 1) 132

Yeah mine failed. They extended the manufacturer's and purchase warranty to cover it although I expect those are all expired now. I am waiting to hear back on the replacement of my original phone since I purchased it out of the country. It was a defect of one of the earlier batches, and the problem was fixed in the later versions as far as I know (my replacement has been fine).

Comment Plex never *required* a subscription (Score 4, Insightful) 84

You can run Plex just fine without a subscription. I run the backend locally on my media server with the Myth plugin and the frontends on Roku and on my phone. It pesters you to create a subscription but you can skip that and just set it up without one. Then I VPN to watch content remotely, without going through the Plex cloud or whatever it is.

Comment Re:So the news is that it still doesn't make good (Score 2) 112

One of the best games ever. I actually got hold of Alec Kercso in the late 90s and had a short discussion with him about Starflight, he said while developing it he had a great feeling of being a small ship in a huge universe, something no other game that I know of has really done since. In fact Minecraft is the only other game I can think of that I've played where you can really feel lost and scared in a big place.

Comment Re:Or just use MythTV (Score 1) 49

It does take a little setup to get Apache etc. running, but you can still do all that with MythWeb etc. (and all that functionality i hear is getting added into Myth base soon). Plex has a plugin too. The one thing I haven't figured out yet is getting the Plex plugin to play back with 5.1 sound - it's there in the recording but doesn't make it through Plex for some reason.

Comment Re:Or just use MythTV (Score 1) 49

Basic Myth installs really easily on most distributions now, not just Ubuntu. I've run it on Opensuse for ages, just installs via Yast and setup is pretty simple. There are other cards for OTA that install without fuss too, the pcHDTV cards still do as far as I know (I have one).

Comment So where will existing content come from? (Score 4, Insightful) 187

From where will we obtain any given movie or TV show we want to watch that is not Netflix/Amazon/etc. original content? Right now the Netflix DVD service still has by far the widest selection - things like all the old British shows, old movies, all the stuff that is really desirable to watch but no longer is worth the cost to license it. I tried to find a copy of the 1960 version of the movie The Time Machine - only available via DVD from Netflix. Are we going to see a resurgence in the DVD service?

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