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Comment Re:More proof (Score 3, Interesting) 414

Bah. I work for a school district in a very ethnically diverse city. One that WANTS to hire people of underrepresented groups.
We recently had an open job made available, in the technology field. Basic technical support. Advertised on our website, sent out to the various public job opportunity sites as well.
I spoke with one of my coworkers about this, one who was tasked with interviewing the attendees. Interviews were only done AFTER they passed a basic skills test.
Of the 300 people who applied for two positions, 4 were female. FOUR. Of those four, only one passed the skills test. When interviewed, she stated she had a problem with one of the requirements: the ability to lift 25 pounds on an occasional basis ( think printer). Following that, she stated she did not want to move computers around because they were dirty, someone else would need to do this.
Even then, the recruiters kept telling our department to consider her for the position.
Racially, the group was overwhelmingly white or hispanic, with black or asian interviewees being underrepresented based on the population.

Comment Re:It's not as simple as "just switch over" (Score 1) 166

I'll speak to this, as IT.
Because we've NEVER had staff request something way past what they really need, and essentially lie to us to get it.

I've also worked with older devices, in my case an expensive HAAS CNC machine, that would ONLY work with an older version of windows ( Unless you wanted to buy their new machine). They used bizarre dongle that we couldn't push through VMS, and even VMS that said it would work didn't work.

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