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Comment Re:Good to see mocking the President back in fashi (Score 1) 524

That's not racist, that's hypocritical.
Hypocritical: I hate Obama for doing what Bush did.
Racist: I hate Obama for being black.

Perhaps it was just partisan based hypocrites, and not race based? Don't be so quick to jump on that nonsense. There's a good chance had Gore been in office, it would have been the same thing.

Comment Re:Good to see mocking the President back in fashi (Score 1) 524

any right wing source mocking Obama. Hell, I had multiple Lefty friends call me racist for being pissed about the whole Fast and Furious debacle, because it involved Holder and I mentioned Obama should have handled it better. Because I was criticizing two black men.

Comment Re:Reason for concern (Score 1) 472

So you're worrying more about person A in another country than possible person B in this country? Assuming both being equal, I'd go with B solely on "buy local". I do the same with stores: I buy from a local shop more than a national chain if possible.
China's a big boy now. It's not your job to take care of them.

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