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Submission + - SPAM: ANATOMY OF A FORECLOSURE | Invest With Passion! writes: "[spam URL stripped] Foreclosures are occurring daily at alarming rates across the country. With so many homeowners experiencing an increase in monthly mortgage payments due to interest rate adjustments on their adjustable rate mortgages (ARM), the foreclosure epidemic continues to spread. This unfortunate situation has resulted in an influx of below market value properties. We now see properties being sod for pennies on the dollar and real estate investors are clamoring at the opportunities. For those seeking to understand the foreclosure process, here we will explore and dissect the elements.Notice of Default.As a result of the borrower falling 90 days late on the mortgage payments, the lender files a notice of default (NOD). The NOD puts the borrower on notice that a default has occurred and legal action may be taken if it is not corrected."
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Submission + - Diebold rides again

An anonymous reader writes: A couple of candidates in the New Hampshire primary have asked for a recount.

By Wednesday morning, stories were flying all around the Internet — have you looked closely at the results of the primary? There was something strange about the votes, they said, about the difference between municipalities that hand-counted votes and those that used optical scanners. The chatter increased, and by Friday, the New Hampshire Department of State issued a press release announcing that two candidates, Democrat Dennis Kucinich and Republican Albert Howard had requested and been granted a recount, having met the following requirement:

There seems to be a big difference between the machine counted votes and the hand counted votes; big enough to change the results for the Democrats at least. Fortunately, the voting machines in this case scan paper ballots so we can have a valid recount.

Curious minds want to know. How could this have happened? Can Diebold do nothing right?

Submission + - Who does slashdot want as the Republician nominee (

Anonymous Coward writes: "Ron Paul won Fox News's uVote text message poll after last nights South Carolina debate. He finished with 32%, 10% seperated Ron Paul and the next closest Republician. Paul and his straight-talking constitutionalist libertarian values make him the most true to the goals of the Republican Party before its takeover by Christian conservative elitists that include such staples as small government and lower welfarism without further fattening the pockets of the corporate CEO's and the like that have fattened to incredible levels under Bush Republicanism. As Republican readers of Slashdot, are you ready to embrace Ron Paul returning the Republican party to its proper place in the political scale behind slashing inefficient bureaucracies, a return to states' rights, a United States that focuses on the problems at home instead of abroad, and returns this nation to fiscal responsibility."

Submission + - Money, Ron Paul & Environment: A New Look (

IConrad01 writes: "Functionalism In Action: Revising Ron Paul: Libertarianism Meets Environmentalism is a commentary by a technophile libertarian (yours truly) which attempts to make the case for a not-so-radical change within the libertarian movement: let go the pet cause of "Gold-Standard Money!" and replace it with "Energy-backed Money!""

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