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Submission + - New Hybrid Style: Lebowski Ron Paul Wear (

An anonymous reader writes: Apparently, the Dude has decided to tip his hat to Presidential hopeful Ron Paul. Yes it's true. Easily one of the coolest pop culture shirts out right now, it sports a picture of Congressman Paul, underneath it says "the Dude abides in the Ron". An army of young people in these types of political wear could change the tide of elections. Ron Paul for President!!!

Journal SPAM: Kicking McCain while he's down 2

Apparently, Rudy announced that his preferred candidate is John McCain, assuming of course that Rudy wasn't running and further assuming McCain's not getting the shit kicked out of him already.

So it's a either a big fuck you, or Rudy wants McCain to drop out earlier rather than later so he can help him fight off the actor who hasn't even declared yet.

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