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Journal Journal: Time Warner and Viacom Dispute Ends

Yesterday a dispute over fee hikes had threatened a damaging blackout at a minute past midnight Thursday that would have prevented TWC subscribers from watching their favorite shows such as "SpongeBob SquarePants" and "The Colbert Report." The two sides reached an agreement on Thursday, the first of January 2008. The companies stated the terms of the deal were not disclosed. Details must still be finalized over the next few days.
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Journal Journal: Response to Twitter's Latest Journal Entry - #206773 1

Taking a look at Twitter's latest journal leaves me wondering, where the hell did he get the idea someone is shilling for Microsoft? This is an assult on Toreo asesino (951231) and claims he or she is a Microsoft zealot.
Let's take a look at Mr. Hill's claims.

The first claim is "M$ will continue to have 90% of the market forever." Toreo actuall made the comment "Yeah, my prediction is that the market will even out slightly because in the end, each major OS exists for reasons the others don't - and Microsoft can't go much higher than 90%" Much higher than 90%, totally opposite than what Twitter The Troll is claiming.

The Second claim is "M$ Stock and market share are healthy" When toreo actually was making a counter argument against the claim that Microsoft's stocks are crashing.

The third claim is "M$ is embracing OSS because they have given up a few of their secrets." Here is the actual context of what was said "

There's a fair amount of information on MS protocols and standards on MSDN - []

and their source-code is available for review at least @ [] ... which 10 years ago would've been unthinkable; but yeah, although it's a far cry from the GPL, is still hugely better than it was.
" In other words, Microsoft is changing with the demands of their customers. They could acutally be re-evaluating their original stance on open-source and even changing their strategy to include open source. It is possible ten years from now we could hear Microsoft using the GPL for projects.

The fourth claim is "IE 7 is most secure browser," while the comment header states "Technically, IE7 is the most secure browser out..." Key-word, "Technically" Then explains how it could technically be the most secure. Afterwards, Toreo explains "That said, it still sucks compared to FireFox 3 in terms of useful functionality, but that's another story." A far cry from a Internet Explorer Troll.

The Final Claim "America rules England sucks", Toreo was referring to the title of a youtube video. A joke. No hatred involved.

So much for your shrilling Twitter. No wonder why you set your journal to friends only 'Or should I say sock-puppets only?'

Media (Apple)

Journal Journal: Writers should blame Steve Jobs and not the studios? 4

Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner called the strike by the Writer's Guild a "Stupid Strike" and Steve Jobs should be to blame in his keynote speech on Wednesday morning at the Media and Money conference hosted by Dow Jones and Nielsen. According to Eisner, The studios "make deals with Steve Jobs, who takes them to the cleaners. They make all these kinds of things, and who's making money? Apple! They should get a piece of Apple. If I was a union, I'd be striking up wherever he is." Eisner is a well known critic of Apple and Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is the president and CEO of Apple as well as a powerful member of Disney's board of directors.

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Journal Journal: In response to Brushfireb's Ivy Tech comment

In response to Brushfireb' Ivy Tech comment.

"Ivy Tech" is a specific technical school in the midwest which is known for being the lowest common denominator.

I would be glad to have ANYONE apply from any normal state school, or even who had good experience.

But little experience + bad education is not the way into this company

First of all, Ivy Tech was rechartered in 2005 as Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana. Even before that it was known as a two year college. It hasn't been a trade/technical school for quite some time now.

Second it wouldn't be wise to hire someone that has a two year degree as their only credential. Other important credentials would include Phi Theta Kappa membership, various certifications 'ASE, A+, etc', SGA position 'President, secretary, etc', numerous others.

Third, it would make more sense to hire someone with a four year degree. Ivy Tech is a great school to start with, but not to finish with. Someone should use it as a starting point then transfer to a four year institute once he or she has a four year degree.

Finally, Ivy Tech no longer allows someone that simply has experience to teach. They now require someone to have at least a 4 year degree in the field they are teaching in.

At one time they probably were the bottom of the barrel spewing out the least common denominator. Today that description doesn't apply to Ivy Tech.


Journal Journal: Sony Delays Sale of LocationFree TV Box 1

Only a day after lowering its earnings forecast, Sony announces they are going to postpone the rollout of location-free TV which was to be released next week more test were needed to be performed. The LocationFree TV is a portable LCD television panel that uses Wi-Fi wireless technology to receive video content and access the Internet from a base station hooked up to a broadband connection. The former Sony employee Amari asked "What has become of the Sony known for its technology?" With the rootkit and exploding battery fiasco, that is a good question.

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