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Comment Re:AMD has (Score 0) 91

Lets just stop and be serous here for a bit. Desktop sales may have slown down but desktops are not going any where. Nobody programs on tablets unless they are developing apps for them. Even then most of the development takes place on desktops in a emulator. I count a docked laptop as a temporary desktop.

Real gamers do no use phones for games. Real gamers use custom made desktops with high end graphics cards and big fat monitors. They have surround sound audio and carefully selected controllers.

ARM, while a good processor design, isn't really found outside the phone and tablet market. You find some low powered chrome books that use it but that is about it.

Nobody in the industry takes a ARM server seriously. You might have a few "mavericks" that use it but the real server market is dominated by the x86 servers. An it will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

Comment Re:Just unlocked CPU multipliers... (Score 0) 71

Someone posted some links after I posted my request. Some of these read like the ramblings of some loon in a basement some where. They remind me of the early days when they started embedding serial numbers in CPU's.

But serouasly with any technology this complex there is plenty of room for abuse. But that being said if it was being abused it would be done by now. With as many crackers and other low life's on the internet I'm sure it would have been exploited by now if it was true.

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