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Comment Re:Let's just be clear on what they mean here (Score 1) 438

As stated pretty clearly, he had to make the special tool. Every car I've ever owned or worked on you could either just use a flat headed screwdriver to drive the caliper back, or just use a C-clamp

Well, you basically 'made' a special tool by using a G-clamp. Similarly, you can use the end of a large (20-24mm IIRC) R/OE spanner to turn the piston in.

I guess I don't see the advantage. Why should I care if the handbrake is a disc or not?

Some examples would be that you don't require a separate drum brake just for the handbrake, and that you can safely use the brake to stop the car in an emergency without worrying about the all too common self actuation that happens with dedicated handbrake drum systems. Also, drum brakes are almost useless in dirty conditions, as they fill up with crap and wear out in a matter of a few hundred km (even when the brake is not used).

NONE of those have required make/model specific tools to do routine maintenance tasks like setting the valve clearances, or changing brakes.

None of the examples of special tools I gave are actually required, you can always find something to do the job fine. You'll probably find that all those manufacturers recommend special tools in the FSM, just no one actually uses them.

Who said anything about racing?

No one did, but the GP was rather obviously referring to turning in a situation where a loss of traction is to be expected, which implies a racing situation, an emergency, or an idiot driver. I chose to use the term 'racing speed' to cover these, I agree it's pretty ambiguous. Regardless, my point stands -- every car handles differently under loss of traction, and to manage this various 'tricks' can be used. Knowing these tricks for your own car can make a huge difference when it comes to avoiding an accident.

Comment Re:Knows as much about ethics as he does mathemati (Score 3, Informative) 241

I read through the new yorker article, and while it is clear that Perelman is eccentric, I don't think aspergers/autistic fits here. From the article

Now, when I become a very conspicuous person, I cannot stay a pet and say nothing. That is why I had to quit.” We asked Perelman whether, by refusing the Fields and withdrawing from his profession, he was eliminating any possibility of influencing the discipline. “I am not a politician!” he replied, angrily.

It is clear that he is hurt by the backstabbing politics and lack of ethics (as he perceives it) that have corrupted mathematics. He seems more like an artist entirely dedicated to his craft; the Greta Garbo comparison somewhere above fits well.

Comment Real numbers and graphs (Score 1) 752

We have done the actual benchmarks, and the original post matches our experience.
PHP gives processing times of around 1 second (for a search function) and C++ code via a CGI gaves times of 0.1 sec. A ten times improvement.

Graphs and numbers are here,

Further when we switched to FastCGI we saw another 5 fold improvement, after optimising the code for FastCGI.

So I would believe a 50 folder improvement should be possible by going from PHP to FastCGI (and rewriting code to suit a FastCGI)

Comment Re:That's a lot of rigs dude! (Score 1) 215

It's bad enough when whackers are purely hams. Take it to the next level, and you get the whackers who join Fire / EMS just so they can run (sometimes legally, sometimes not-so) private vehicles with lightbars, have all their radios... then they extend it to their gear. Some of these guys have more in their 'personal first aid' bag in their vehicle than we do in our (well funded) ambulances.

Then they load up their utility belt with every gadget under the sun, short of handheld ultrasound. Leathermans, holsters for whatever, you name it.

Protip: Don't join emergency medical services because you like the shiny gadgets, or the ability to run lights and sirens, either in an emergency vehicle or a private one. I don't want you responding when I call 911.

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