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Comment Re:illogical summary (Score 1) 360

The first step is to be amended as
- Always look for ways that you can reduce the number of manual steps in manufacturing WITHOUT sacrificing design objectives and material (input) quality.

Which is much harder than it sounds. Typically people do the first part, sacrifice the second, then end up with a cheaper and inferior product. Whereas the Japanese, Swiss, German and other manufacturers of quality are very careful about these 'low-hanging' fruit.

Comment Re:Cycle of life (Score 5, Interesting) 133

I was once working in a software company, doing maintenance on a product (an embedded telephony module) which was pretty much going to be end-of-lifed soon. It was one of the most enjoyable times of my career. There was me and two other guys, all of us junior engineers and no supervision whatsoever. We were able to make radical changes at our own discretion; I was a young man and didn't really mind spending nights and weekends working on that stuff. We got some things wrong, but we also fixed very very old bugs and re-wrote an entire module to test out some ideas we had about performance bottlenecks. The customer, who was basically running out the clock on warranty was somewhat surprised at all the releases he was getting, but didn't seem to mind. His test and field staff were actually quite happy.

The whole thing didn't put off the inevitable, because nobody in the company paid any attention to the fact that the product had actually been re-engineered into somewhat workable. In any case, there was no follow-up planned, so eventually the entire product line was closed down and the customer was migrated to something else. But we had fun while we could and learnt a lot.

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 1) 33

Individual organizations in India still gets aid in the form of direct funding for (Non Govt. organizations or NGOs are mostly prohibited from taking money directly from external sources and the govt. has recently cracked down heavily on this) for individual projects, along with World Bank funding, etc. Some of these are Indian branches of foreign organizations, on which the rules are somewhat different.

I remember there was some discussion in 2012 regarding British aid to India (as it turned out, it was to institutions such as Oxfam, etc.) and the Indian govt had said that by 2015 even this would be phased out. I know there has been a heavy crackdown recently with regards to any Indian organization receiving foreign money directly.

Comment Re:Diversity (Score 1) 287

Its not just about the selection process; it is also about nurturing a person once hired. No interviewing process is 100% accurate and you will never get people who are the exact match for what you need. It is possible that minorities are being hired but then are not fitting in and the organization is not using the resources it has to make it happen.

Comment Re:Answer (Score 1) 336

Most wireless protocol stack implementations are the same; allocate deterministically once and never de-allocate.

As a friend of mine used say, de-allocation in a virtual memory system is strange; sbrk() will . All you do is possibly to release a page in vmem which was never going to get swapped in anyway. There is a chance of additional TLB cache flushing being avoided, but I am not sure that the difference is worth it.

Submission + - Training Java programmers in OpenGL

justaguy516 writes: In my team, we have a set of programmers who have 4-5 years of experience programming in Java for web-servers (JBOSS, Weblogic, etc). We have been asked to think about retraining them for deployment on a project which will require some amount of OpenGL ES programming on an Android environment. Most of the training matter on the Web seems to be targetted for C programmers on desktop or server environments; OpenGL ES tutorials seem to assume that the trainee already knows the basics of OpenGL. Anybody got any ideas about how to go about this?

Submission + - 150 years of Maxwell's Equations (ieee.org)

justaguy516 writes: Maxwell's equations are one of the most stunning discoveries in the history of human science. Its a unique story, both as a climax for a century of scientific observation as well as a compelling story of how scientific theory and practical application went hand-in-hand in building the edifice on which the entire world of 2015 as we know it exists. While most people think of Faraday, Gauss, Ampere and Maxwell, my favourite has always been Oliver Heaviside, that unsung self-taught engineer who made so many fundamental contributions to this field.

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