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Comment Re:All two (Score 1) 327

It's not the optimal solution to the problem, but they have attempted to mitigate that a bit, the notification bar does pop up for a few seconds in 3.2+ after you unlock the screen. Only works in the "while the screen is off" case, of course. I think there are some more improvements in 3.4, but 3.6 should more or less fix that once and for all - the notifications will no longer hide while you're inactive.

Comment Re:The damage is already done (Score 1) 233

It's misleading in much more than just that way. Shooting from a van while implying it's while riding a bicycle, obviously making things MUCH easier for whatever image stabilization hardware they used.

And the stills in the video were shot from a friggin' tripod using studio lightning, how exactly does that showcase the capabilities of OIS technology IN ANY WAY when the technology is designed to improve handheld photos in low light?

Comment Re:Flat-Line (Score 1) 485

I don't know which pages you've been reading, but you might want to consult your ophthalmologist before craving for higher-resolution screens.

T430 and W/T530 have the exact same display options as the previous generation - up to 1600x900 and 1920x1080 respectively.

Consumer-level crap is perhaps limited to x768, but you get what you pay for. X-series is too, which is pretty disappointing, but still exactly the same as before instead of regressed, and it's somewhat more tolerable in such a tiny display.

Comment Re:Receivers transmit (Score 2) 290

Differences other than the fact that it's much lower power and that it's not transmitting any meaningful information?

Even assuming you had a ridiculously sensitive receiver capable of of listening to GPS receiver's local oscillator you can't differentiate - you can only detect receivers operating at frequency X, and since just about every damn cell phone has GPS these days that's damn near useless for tracking anyone, you've got thousands of blips anywhere with people, and they're not stationary like your TV vans targets...

AND this doesn't have anything to do with GPS specifically any more, no one knee jerks about how The Man is tracking their portable FM radio even though the exact same principles apply to it.

Comment Re:A Linux game company that wasn't troubled? (Score 2) 142

"Possibly pay the bills"? Come on now. It won't get you a penthouse on manhattan, but $122k is enough to live quite comfortably for a few years in most parts of the worlds. It's twice the average yearly wage even in the US, a two man team just made their yearly salary in a day - and here you are, moaning and bitching how it's not worth it.

And the sales are going to at least double before the bundle is over.

Submission + - Digital Agenda: Turning government data into gold (

juhaz writes: "Your data is worth more if you give it away", said EU Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes, who announced a new Open Data Strategy for Europe this morning, with the hopes of positioning the EU as the global leader in the re-use of public sector information.

The Commission proposes to boost the existing 2003 Directive on the re-use of public sector information by:
  • Making it a general rule that all documents made accessible by public sector bodies can be re-used for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial, unless protected by third party copyright;
  • Establishing the principle that public bodies should not be allowed to charge more than costs triggered by the individual request for data (marginal costs); in practice this means most data will be offered for free or virtually for free, unless duly justified.
  • Making it compulsory to provide data in commonly-used, machine-readable formats, to ensure data can be effectively re-used.
  • Introducing regulatory oversight to enforce these principles;
  • Massively expanding the reach of the Directive to include libraries, museums and archives for the first time; the existing 2003 rules will apply to data from such institutions.

The Open Knowledge Foundation blogs more about the good news from Brussels.

Your Rights Online

Submission + - Dutch copyright group caught downloading illegally (

BloodyNO writes: A computer in the IP range of Dutch copyright protection agency Buma/Stemra was caught downloading illegally Entourage and Battlefield 3 via The agency reacts by claiming [dutch] the IP address was spoofed. Judge the situation for yourself; what do you think about copyright activists downloading illegally?

Comment Re:This is a SIGNIFICANT problem (Score 1) 246

And I'm not talking about extinction, just the loss of radio technology for instance.

"Just" the loss of radio technology? Are you kidding? Radio is such an elementary technology it could only be lost if effectively ALL knowledge on the friggin' planet simply vanished into thin air overnight.

I can't think of anything short of extinction that would make that happen, care to point out a credible way?

Comment Re:In future news... (Score 1) 332

Here is a question though: I think you can buy heavy water, so what would happen if someone built a powerful particle accelerator in their garage and smashed some charged heavy water molecules into a cup of heavy water?

You can use that sort of system to initiate fusion - of few atoms. What you're describing is very similar to a Fusor, they're Mostly Harmless and in fact many people do build such devices in their garages.

Got to be a mighty big particle accelerator to compress a cup of heavy water to the same extent as a fission bomb primary, though... fusion isn't a chain reaction, you can't just fuse two deuterium atoms in a cup and expect the rest of the D2O to emulate the trick, so it's useless as a weapon. I suppose you could kill someone with one if you put it under their bed for a few years and they get cancer from the neutron radiation.

Comment Re:Fukushima (Score 2) 537

It's all Iodine and Caesium. These are highly dangerous radioactive materials ... for an incredibly short period of time.

Stop parroting this shit, for crying out loud! It's almost as bad as the media hyperventilating in the opposite direction. I'm as pro-nuke as they come, and this just makes all of us look like ignorant fools.

Repeat after me: Cs-137 has a half-life of 30 years. Maybe that's an incredibly short period of time in comparison to the natural radioisotopes that decay on geological timescales, but it sure as hell isn't for the people.

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