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Submission + - Burger King Twitter Account Hacked, Rebranded As McDonald's (techweekeurope.co.uk)

judgecorp writes: "Burger King's Twitter account was hacked yesterday, by pranksters who rebranded the feed, tweeting nonsense under the name of Mcdonald's. Today, the account is back under Burger King's control, and McDonald's tweeted a denial that it had anything to do with the incident. Although this sort of event is (we presume) down to slack security by the account holder, it could harm Twitter, as big brands lose trust in the service."

Submission + - Political Twitter Wannabee Menshn Crashes And Burns (techweekeurope.co.uk)

judgecorp writes: "Menshn, the chat service which wanted to be political has closed after the two founders fell out dramatically. The service was founded by Conservative MP and "chick lit" author Louise Mensch and former Labour advisor Luke Bozier in June 2012, promising "on topic" micro-blogging. The site was poorly received, and Bozier was quickly at the wrong end of a media vendetta which led up to sex allegations which he denies. The two have publicly fallen out and Menshn is no more."

Submission + - Facebook Privacy Boosted As Private Message 'Leak' Is Dismissed (techweekeurope.co.uk)

judgecorp writes: "Claims that old private Facebook messages have been leaking onto people's Timelines have been dismissed by the French privacy watchdog, CNIL. Apparently, as many concluded early on, the "leaked" messages were just old Wall-to-Wall posts, that users had mistakenly believed were private. Given the lack of user understanding, now is a good time for Facebook to revamp its privacy help pages. Let's hope users pay attention, and Facebook genuinely resists exploiting their naivety. ."

Submission + - Salesforce.com Drops Bid For 'Social Enterprise' Trademark (techweekeurope.co.uk)

judgecorp writes: "Mark Benioff, Salesforce.com CEO, has bowed to pressure from the "social sector" and abandoned a bid to trademark the term "social enterprise". The phrase has been widely used by organisations working for social change, Benioff was told in a letter from activists including Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Muhammad Yunus,founder of the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. The term will be dropped from all Salesforce.com's marketing materials."

Submission + - British MP Launches US-Only Twitter Rival (techweekeurope.co.uk)

judgecorp writes: "Frustrated at the off-topic chatter on Twitter, British MP Louise Mensch has launched a supposedly rival service. Despite the name, Menshn, this is apparently not a hoax, but a site aimed at "on-topic" conversation, initially around the US election. Mensch is a former "chick lit" author, and a Member of Parliament since 2010. She has taken part in questioning of Rupert and James Murdoch, and urged for control of social media."

Submission + - Facebook Hosts Free Anti-virus Marketplace (techweekeurope.co.uk)

judgecorp writes: "Given that there are now plenty of people who don't get outside of Facebook much, it must be a good thing that the social media giant is now hosting an anti-virus marketplace to help its 900-million users be more secure. However, it looks like the service is heavily slanted towards trial versions of paid-for systems, rather than truly free products, which many Facebook users would surely qualify for as non-commercial users."

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