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Submission + - New York Times (techweekeurope.co.uk)

judgecorp writes: "The New York Times claims it has been the victim of a four month cyber onslaught from Chinese sources, following an investigation into Chinese corruption. Attributing the source of an attack can be difficult, but The Times, and security firm Mandiant used honeypot data to track the source of the attacks, which started after an investigation which suggests the family of Chinese prermier Wen Jibao has been amasssing billions of dollars in business deals. The Times was hit with 45 pieces of custom malware through spear-phishing, despite using Symantec's anti-virus- Symantec has responded saying that "signature-based anti-virus components of endpoint solutions alone are not enough"."

Submission + - Bogus Bad Piggies Plug-Ins Infect 80,000 (techweekeurope.co.uk) 1

judgecorp writes: "If you wanted another reason to avoid Bad Piggies, the follow up to Roxio's absurdly popular Angry Birds, how about the fact that it's attracting massive malware campaigns? Of course, to fall for it you have to be dumb — downloading a plug-in purporting to be a Chrome version of the game when no such thing exists. No one would do that, right? No wait, 80,000 people did."

Submission + - Mass Cyber Espionage Campaign Hits Middle East (techweekeurope.co.uk)

judgecorp writes: "Hundreds of staff at government agencies and industrial companies across the Middle East have had their machines infected with the 'Madi' malware which steals data and takes screenshots, say two security firms, Kaspersky and Seculert. The motives are not clear, and nor is the origin of the attack."

Submission + - Kelihos 2 Crushed by Security Firms (techweekeurope.co.uk)

judgecorp writes: "The second version of the Kelihos botnet has been put out of action by security firms including Kasperskly labs. Bigger than the first Kelihos, which was taken out last year with a Microsoft court order, Kelihos 2 was taken down by a "sinkholing" operation which took out the peer-to-peer botnet piece by piece."

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