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Submission + - Google Patents Hot Aisle Containment System For Data Centers (

judgecorp writes: Google has been granted a patent for a hot aisle containment system for data centres. The technology removes heat from the servers efficiently, and should result in data centres with a lower carbon footprint. But the patent does raise the question of whether Google plans to profit from this, or share it widely. The US patent, number 8320125, is here, and was issued to Exaflop, a subsidiary Google often uses for intellectual property.

Submission + - Qi Wireless Charging Group Bites Back At PMA Publicity (

judgecorp writes: "The PMA (Powermat) spec for wireless charging announced support from Google yesterday, but the publicity splash has been criticised by the Wireless Power Consortium, which makes the already existing standard, Qi (established three years ago). The PMA announcement : Many phones already have the Qi standard built in, including Google's own LG-made Nexus 4 design. Why is Google backing one spec's marketing campaign, when it is building the other standard into its phones?"

Submission + - Wireless Car Charger Test Starts In London (

judgecorp writes: "A test of wireless chargers for electric vehicles has started in London. The Halo system owned by Qualcomm is one of several competing technologies, designed to deliver power to charge car batteries without having to plug the vehicles in. At this stage, Qualcomm is apparently worried about frying cats."

Submission + - USB 3.0 100W Power Standard Could Charge Laptops (

judgecorp writes: "The USB 3.0 Promoter Group has published a Power Delivery standard which will deliver up to 100W. The specification (press release here with link to full details) includes new bi-directional — and backward compatible — USB cables, and has been proposed as the new connector between mains adapters and laptops, eliminating e-waste by standardising a proprietary component."

Submission + - Solar Umbrella Is UK Festuival Accessory (

judgecorp writes: "The summer season of music festivals in the UK is not complete without publicity stunts featuring mobile-charging gadgets, and this year Vodafone has proposed a solar-charging umbrella which will at least be useful in the more likely event of rain. Vodafone is usurping rival operator Orange which has previously teased festival goer with piezo-electric sonic powered T-shirts and thermo-electric Wellington boots"

Submission + - Apple Attracts Continued Greenpeace Protests (

judgecorp writes: "Apple has been on the receiving end of a series of protests by Greenpeace, over its use of "dirty" coal and nuclear energy in its data centres. Greenpeace in response says it is working towards renewable energy in many highly publicised projects, and its next data centre (in Prineville Oregon) will run on 100 renewable energy."

Submission + - Methane Powered Data Centre Launched On Cold War UFO Base (

judgecorp writes: "Data centre firm Infinity has a methane powered data facility open for business on a retired Cold War airbase in Suffolk, England. Methane is a great renewable power source; Microsoft has proposed co-locating data centres with methane sources such as landfill sites and farms, but this site appears to be the closest to putting that into practice The base, at Rendlesham, is also famous for a UFO siting which took place in its days as a Cold War centre in 1980l. As is usually the case with good UFO sitings, that event has never been fully explained...."

Submission + - Microsoft Proposes Data Centres Powered By Landfill Methane ( 1

judgecorp writes: "Microsoft has proposed data centres independent of the electricity grid, built on landfill sites, and powered by methane from rotting waste. Methane "burns" in clean fuel cells, making energy and producing CO2 which is 20 times less of a greenhouse gas. If the math works out (does a landfill site produce enough MW of power?) it looks like a good idea."

Submission + - Researchers Invent Everlasting Battery Material ( 1

judgecorp writes: "Researcherse at Stanford University have invented a battery material that could allow batteries to go through 400,000 charging cycles instead of the 400 or so which today's Li-ion batteries can manage. Among the uses could be storing energy to even out the availability of renewable sources such as sun and wind."

Submission + - Nuclear Generator EDF Fined For Hacking Greenpeace (

judgecorp writes: "Electricite de France (EDF) which uses nuclear reactors to generate the majority of France's electricity, has been found guilty of hacking into Greenpeace computers in 2006. EDF has been fined fined €1.5 million and ordered to pay Greenpeace a further half a million euros, for what the judge described as an act of "industrial scale espionage"."

Submission + - Plastic Supercapacitor Could Replace Batteries (

judgecorp writes: British scientists have developed a composite plastic that can store and release electricity, potentially replacing batteries in mobile devices. A prototype built by scientists at Imperial College can charge in five seconds and deliver current for 20 minutes. Batteries are a source of toxic chemicals, and can be dangerous. Different energy sources have been proposed sich as vibration energy, solar power amd power delivered wirelessly, but devices need to store energy so an alternative to batteries could be extremely useful.

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